Sunday, November 3, 2013

Frank Herholdt and Richard Kern: Photographers of Nymphets

I wrote in The Allure of Nymphets about French photographers of nymphets Jacques Bourboulon and David Hamilton. Before I do a post about them, I want to write about two non-French photographers, Frank Herholdt and Richard Kern.

According to Frank Herholdt's Linkedin profile, he graduated from the Johannesburg School of Art in 1967 with a degree in Fine Arts  and subsequently developed his photography career in London. He has won a number of international awards including the New York Art directors Club and has worked for many established adverting agencies and blue chip clients.

Frank Herholdt's Lolita and Equestrian

Frank Herholdt

59-year-old Richard Kern graduate from the University of North Carolina and subsequently moved to New York City to develop his career. According to his website, he is photographer, filmmaker and first and foremost, a portraitist. Kern is a regular contributor to Vice and Purple, he has published 11 books, and his films and photographs have been exhibited at the MoMA and the Whitney Museum. 

Richard Kern's Piano and Self-Service

Richard Kern

Like Balthus, clearly, the len's of Herholdt and Kern focuses, excuse the pun, on the allure of nymphets. And despite their risqué themes, both Herholdt and Kern continue to be hired by established adverting agencies and exhibit in prestigious museums, respectively. 

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