Sunday, July 7, 2019

PRETTY BABY (1978): A Virgin Sold for $400

In Pretty Baby (1978), Brooke Shields played Hattie - a 12-year-old prostitute. In addition to having her virginity put up for auction, 12-year-old Shields appeared completely nude in the movie. Although the movie was released in 1978 when the age of consent in Louisiana was eighteen, it was set in 1917 when the age of consent in Louisiana was 12 and (teen) prostitution was legal.

In one scene, a john said referring to Hattie before he caressed her slim arms through her white cotton dress and pampered her with kisses on her young neck and face,“Ah well, what have we here? You’re selling little girls now Madame Nell?”

In another scene, Hattie was paraded on a litter like an idol or royalty in front of a room full of middle-aged and silver-haired johnsThe bearers carefully carried Hattie around the table while Madame Nell, the auctioneer, slowly described Hattie in a noble and illustrious tone as, “A virgin – bona fide. The finest delicacy New Orleans has to offer. And it’s her wish that one of you gentlemen be The First.”

A senator bid $50 before Madame Nell strangely mentioned that the twelve-year-old Hattie was, “Fresh as a baby’s lips.” And after much haggling among the bidders, Hattie’s virginity was sold for $400 in cash, which would be almost $8,000 in 2017.

“Hope you gone be real gentle on me. Being my first time.” Hattie said as she backed away from the rich john with a look of horror on her face. The scene ended with Hattie’s screams of pain.

Shortly after having her virginity sold and taken, Hattie understandably took a bath. With her pre-teen flat chest completely showing, she scrubbed between her toes, and hummed a tune, before Madame Nell, without knocking, boldly entered the bathroom with another john.

Hattie jumped up, quickly covered her bare chest with a clean white towel, and exposed her white buttocks to the camera. Madame Nell snatched the towel away and inconsiderately and greedily said to the shocked john, even though Hattie had her virginity sold and taken only moments earlier, “Now how about it. Pure as the driven snow.”

Subsequently, Hattie was rescued from the brothel and marry a middle-aged photographer, whom the nymphet told, "I want you to be my lover." "I love you once. I love you twice [...]" "I'm gonna make you so happy. You're just my kind of man."

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