Tuesday, July 9, 2019

NATALE A MIAMI (2005): Italian Teen Sex with Father's Best Friend

In the Italian film Natale a Miami (2005), middle-aged Giorgio (Christian De Sica) fights off the repeated sexual advances of Stella (Vanessa Hessler), his best-friend's stunningly beautiful 15-year-old daughter. (The 5' 9" Vanessa Hessler was approximately 16-years-old during the filming of the sex comedy.)

After not seeing Giorgio for years, the nymphet jumped into his arms and gave him a firm kiss - on the lips. 

Subsequently, in an aggressive effort to convince her father's best-friend to have sex with her, the teen seductress showed him a nude picture with a Post-it Note that read GUARDA COSA TI STAi PERDENDO! [Look, you're so missing out.]. And another picture with her in Lolita glasses sucking on a red lollipop with a Post-it Note that read RiPENSACi! [Think it over!]

Revealingly, 15-year-old Stella informed the middle-aged Giorgio that her love for him began when she was just 13. 

Ultimately,  Stella's father inadvertently gave his best-friend the green light to have sex [for ten seconds] with the teen daughter. 

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