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Babi Christina Engelhardt: Woody Allen's Teen Mistress | Nymphet Sex & Threesomes on the Upper East Side

16-Year-Old Babi Christina Engelhardt and Woody Allen

“For years before his relationship with Mia Farrow, Allen had carried on with a 16-year-old girl he’d met at Elaine’s named Babi Christina Engelhardt [...] Engelhardt had sex with Allen more than 100 times, she says, sometimes with [Mia] Farrow [or with two other "beautiful young ladies" in his Central Park facing 930 Fifth Ave bedroom].” (The 16-year-old shared that she had [lipstick] lesbian sex before she met Woody.)

17-Year-Old Babi Christina Engelhardt

Babi shared the details of her relationship with Woody with Gary Baum in his Hollywood Reporter piece “Woody Allen's Secret Teen Lover Speaks: Sex, Power and a Conflicted Muse Who Inspired 'Manhattan'”. Baum wrote that, which is absolutely no surprise to us, that “confident” Babi “brazenly” initiated the affair with Woody:

Sixteen, emerald-eyed, blond, an aspiring model with a confident streak and a painful past: Babi Christina Engelhardt had just caught Woody Allen's gaze at legendary New York City power restaurant Elaine's. It was October 1976, and when Engelhardt returned from the ladies' room, she dropped a note on his table with her phone number. It brazenly read: "Since you've signed enough autographs, here's mine!"

Soon, Allen rang, inviting her to his Fifth Avenue penthouse. The already-famous 41-year-old director [...] never asked her age. But she told him she was still in high school [...]. Within weeks, they'd become physically intimate at his place. She wouldn't turn 17, legal in New York, until that December.

The pair embarked on, by her account, a clandestine romance of eight years [...]

Babi shared that she “liked” Woody and finds him “so interesting” because “his wit is magnetic” and that “[...] he was charming and alluring.”

Baum wrote of Babi: 

She's proud of her teenage self as an up-by-her-bootstraps heroine who successfully beguiled a "celebrated genius." Even now, she holds herself largely responsible for remaining in the relationship as long as she did [...]. She considered him then, and still considers him now, a Great Man.

In reference to the article Babi related: "I'm not attacking Woody," she says. "This is not 'bring down this man.' I'm talking about my love story. This made me who I am. I have no regrets."

The letter Woody sent to Babit thanking her The Voice of the Moon and (possibly) requesting a three-some.

The most surprising part of the article may be that Babi began “[...] working as a personal assistant to Jeffrey Epstein [...]”. And the most interesting item in the article is a letter that Woody sent Babi in 2001. After Woody thanked Babi for sending him a copy of the documentary The Voice of the Moon he wrote: 

“If you're ever in New York I would love you to meet my wife [i.e., Soon-Yi  Previn] — she'd like you. We get out to California every so often. If you'd like I'd call and perhaps we could all get together.” 

Babi presumed that Woody was inviting her to a threesome, but she didn’t participate. 

Babi Christina Engelhardt opined that Stacey Nelkin, "who dated Allen while she was a 17-year-old student at Stuyvesant High School", was not the sole inspiration for Manhattan (1979). Babi presumes that she, Nelkin and the two "beautiful young [lipstick lesbian] ladies" were the inspiration for the critically acclaimed and award winning film. 

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