Sunday, July 28, 2019

E! News' Carissa Culiner: "People Have Hot Dads" | High School Girl + Hot Dad

We were swiping through Twitter to verify that our DirecTV Now app was kaput when we read a tweet from a disgruntled subscriber who was disappointed that she couldn't watch Daily Pop on E!.  Our nympholepsy radar went off, we started watching, and low and behold, we saw this:

On last Friday's episode of Live From E!, Carissa Culiner shared: 
"There was a guy in high school I dated [...] I used to say it to him all the time. 'Like your dad is so hot!' [...] But his dad is still so hot!" "[...] People have hot dads."
And Culiner admitted, in reference to her high school boyfriend's father: 
"[...] If we were both single [...] maybe I would go after him."

And on last Friday's episode of Daily PopMelanie Bromley shared: 
"I have dated a guy and absolutely had a crush on his father."
Consequently, for the second time that Friday, Carissa Culiner related: 
"I have too. I had a guy in high school. And I still to this day, I'm Facebook friends with his mother, because his dad is so hot. [...] His dad is so hot! [...] But he's just a good looking man."
Oh and by the way, Culiner spoke of her attraction to her high school friend's dad after the issue was raised on both shows that 49-year-old Diddy may be dating Lori Harvey - Steve Harvey's 22-year-old daughter. 

 49-year-old Diddy & Lori Harvey - Steve Harvey's 22-year-old daughter. 

Carissa's (open) admission reminded me of Angela, the high school cheerleader from American Beauty (1999), whom share with her friend:
“Your dad's actually kinda cute. If he just worked out a little he'd be hot...Oh, come one. Like you've never sneaked a peak at him in his underwears. I bet he's got a big dick...If he builds up his chest and arms I would totally fuck him. I would suck his big fat dick and fuck him until his eyes rolled into the back of his head.” 

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