Saturday, October 22, 2016

Le témoin (1978): Sexually Active French Nymphets [Teens] Models

Here's Morrison's IMDB plot summary of Le témoin (1978) [English: The Witness, Italian: Il testimone]:
Invited to renovate works of art, Antonio Berti leaves Italy for France. Arriving in France, Berti meets businessman Robert Maurisson [...] Deciding that "remaking" the paintings is the best option, the guys get a young girl called Cathy Massys to model [...] Showing herself to be sexually active well beyond her years, Massys starts having sex with Maurisson. Attempting to keep Maurisson's events quiet, Berti runs into trouble, when Massys is found dead.
As it relates to Cathy (Sandra Dobrigna) being "sexually active well beyond her years", the following dialogue took place between Antonio and Nathalie (Sophie Lautman), a nymphet model whom desired to replace Cathy:
Antonio: She hasn't gone home?! Where has she gone?
Nathalie: Well, she must have found herself a new lover. She once told me: "If I want this old pig, I'll drive him nuts!"
Antonio: Goodness! Listen to these little girls! How can they sing like angels, when they are devils?!

In addition, Morrison wrote: 
Openly showing the [young] girls topless, Mocky & cinematographer Sergio D'Offizi give the movie an unexpected cheeky comedic charm [...]
I was unable to find Sandra Dobrigna or Sophie Lautman's ages, but they appear to be true nymphets, which made their topless scenes "unexpected" to say the least. 

Lastly, Antonio's proclamation that the nymphets weren't' innocent "angles" but  "devils" is revealing especially when coupled with his statement, "And then they say it's us that [seduce nymphets]," which was said after Nathalie showed Antonio' her fountains; so, Antonio could see that, unlike Cathy, she didn't have "small breast, like nuts". 

And if anyone has any doubts about Antonio's assessment of nymphets, peruse Nancy Friday's My Secret Garden: Women’s Sexual Fantasies  and\or read Betsy Karasik's op-ed piece in The Washington Post. 

Le témoin (1978) is based on Harrison Judd's novel Shadow of a Doubt?

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