Sunday, October 12, 2014

HET DEBUUT (1977): A Choice Between Teen Mistress & Wife

Here's IMDb's description of Het debuut (1977) [English: The Debut]:
The delicate story of the impossible love between an older married man and a fourteen-year old schoolgirl.
We can thank feminist for the rise in the age of consent and the fall of polygamy, which is disarming when one considers that the only thing that an ephebophile likes more than a nymphet is a bevy of two or more nymphets. Het debuut is a film from the Netherlands that exemplifies the dilemma that some married ephebophiles face.

In the film, in typical fashion, 14-year-old buxom blond Carolien (16-year-old Marina de Graaf) initiated an age-gap sexual affair with "uncle" Hugo (Gerard Cox) - a 41-year-old friend of the family. 

For example, Carolien asked Hugo for a piggyback ride on the plage and informed him, "You smell good." And she showed up unannounced to his apartment under the guise of needing help with her developing countries school project, but when Hugo's wife left to make tea, Carolien massaged Hugo's middle-age face and confessed, "I wanted to see you."

Carolien even left a door ajar at her high school so that she and Hugo could make-out, top-less, on the gym's wrestling mat while Hugo's wife sipped on black tea back at his apartment. 

After sneaking around from hotel to hotel and after losing her virginity to Hugo, which she shared with the city by shouting in the nude from the hotel's balcony, "I lost my virginity!", Carolien abruptly ended the age-gap affair due to jealousy. 

Carolien's jealous departure forced Hugo to have to choose between his nymphet and his pregnant wife. Since polygamy wasn't an option, despite being very distraught at the thought of ending his age-gap affair, Hugo begrudgingly decided to stay with his wife, which led to a suicide attempt by Carolien. 

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