Saturday, November 15, 2014

CHLOE (1996): A Tricked French Teen Prostitute

Here's Amazon's synopsis for Chloé (1996): 
Highly controversial and previously unavailable in North America, Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard sizzles as the young and naive high school student named Chloé. Her desire for a new and exciting life leads her to a charming stranger [i.e., a pimp] in the streets of Paris.
The focus of this, made for television, French film appears to be on the nymphet being deceived into prostitution and her pimp's treacherous and pitiless behavior. 

But what appears to be overlooked in this film is that 15-year-old Chloé fell madly in love with Jean-Michel (37-year-old Jean-Claude Adelin), the "charming stranger", before she discovered that he was a pimp. Subsequently, after giving her virginity to Jean-Michel. Chloé began prostituting to help her older lover financially, which is not an unheard of way for teens to enter prostitution. 

Like Chloé, some teens are hoodwinked into prostitution, some nymphets enter into teen prostitution voluntarily, while some are not given a choice - by their mothers

Unsurprisingly, Chloé, despite her premium price due to her youth, was very popular with the French johns. And her pimp even arranged to have her sold to some Swedes!

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