Tuesday, December 30, 2014

MOLLY MAXWELL (2014): A Canadian Nymphet Performs Oral on Teacher

It's yet another affair between a nymphet and her English teacher, but this time they're Canadian.

In Molly Maxwell (2014), Molly, a 16-year-old student at The Phoenix Progressive School in Toronto, aggressively initiates a sexual relationship with Ben, the new 26-year-old member of the English department. Molly desperately wants to lose her virginity to her English teacher - so much so, that she literally rips her clothes off on several occasions. At least once, Ben allows his student to perform oral sex on him but stops short of sex because he feels that it's "just wrong". 

Ben said to Molly, "200 years ago no one would have any problem if I took you as my child bride." But Ben is about 100 years off and depending on the location (e.g., Asia, the Middle East, etc.) marriages between nymphets and ephebophiles do happen - although not (openly) very often.

Interestingly, Molly's mother gave her a vibrator once she noticed Molly's strange, lovey-dovey, behavior. As I've been doing research and compiling data for The Allure of Nymphets documentary, I would presume that a vibrator would be a very welcomed present by many nymphets. 

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