Tuesday, September 17, 2013

BEAU PERE (1981): "I'm Not a Little Girl...I'm a Woman!"

Beau Pere 1981
In the last post I wrote about The Adolescent (1979) [French: L'adolescente] and how, despite the 13-year-old Marie's convincing argument, Alexander, a 30-year-old physician reluctantly refuses her advances. 

In Beau Pere (1981) [English: The Step-Father], 14-year-old Marion attempts to convince Rémiher 30-year-old widowed step-father, to overcome his inhibitions and reciprocate her love. 

Unlike Alexander, Rémi eventually succumbs to the Marion's seduction and begins an affair with the nymphet.

I wrote in The Allure of Nymphets that a common faux paus of ephebophiles is that they pressure nymphets into making their relationship public, but Rémi unintentionally uses reverse psychology and tries to convince Marion to keep their relationship a secret, which only makes her want to make it public.

Beau Pere (1981) Video Clip

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