Saturday, February 28, 2015

Louÿs' WOMAN AND PUPPET [French: La Femme et le pantin]: How to Possess a Teen

Here's the synopsis for Pierre Louÿs' Woman and Puppet [French: La Femme et le pantin] from Wikipedia:
During the carnival in Seville, the Frenchman André Stévenol meets and falls under the spell of [18-year-old Andalusian] Conception 'Conchita' Perez [...] His friend, Don Mateo Diaz ["a Spaniard, of some forty years"] warns him off by describing his own history with the woman [that began when Conchita was 15-years-old] -- a history of being repeatedly attracted and then rebuffed by her. Conchita continually flirted with other men to torture Don Mateo. On each occasion he was made to feel guilty for his jealous thoughts and actions towards her, until he realized finally that he had been her puppet for fourteen months and in an explosion of passion he beat her. She then astonished him by declaring the violence a sign of the strength of his love and came to his bed. She was a ["legendary"] virgin. Although the two then started living together, she continued her flirtatious behavior towards other men [...]
Conchita is described as having a supple body yet childish breasts, dark chestnut hair, soft rounded cheeks with naturally dark eyelids and as, "[...] the worst woman in the world."

As often happens in budding age-gap relationships, the nymphet initiated the first kiss. "[...] she anticipated my desire, and impulsively placed her burning mouth on mine, with a long deep look."

However, Don Mateo made the nymphet PUA faux pas of trying to "buy" Conchita. After he informed Conchita's mother that he understood that due to their age differences an "open liaison was out of the question", he added that he would financially "assure not only her present life, but her personal fortune for the future", and he gave her a "thick roll of bank notes". 

Conchita's reaction to the "bribe" was, "I wished to give myself to you, but you have asked that I be sold. We shall never meet again."  

Conchita's declaration made Don Mateo desperately pledge, "If I ever see her again [...] if heaven favors me in this one thing, I shall crouch at her feet [...]" Thus, he went from trying to buy her love to desiring to "worship" her - in other words, he went from bad to worse, which only lead to more merciless teasing by Conchita. 

For example:
Then I begged her:
"Give me your mouth."
But she shook her head and withdrew her hand.
Ah, that word! How many times had I already heard it from her lips, and now it cast a chill over this long hoped-for reunion that reached my very soul.
Don Mateo "suffered atrociously" for over a year as the nymphet seductively lured him only to mercilessly repulse him. Ultimately, Conchita gave herself to Don Mateo after he [briefly] stopped "worshiping" her and turned violent. 

The moral of Woman and Puppet is that, despite what feminists may think, one cannot buy a nymphet - there's a difference between teen prostitutes and New York University Sugar Baby's. In addition, lust is unattractive, because it shows a lack of power (i.e., charisma (e.g., self-control, self-confidence, etc)). And everybody knows that (young) women are extremely attracted to powerful men.

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