Sunday, July 16, 2023

"Rick and Morty" and Beekeeping Age: Teen TikTokers and Dad Sex

From Dr. Phil to Pedro Pascal, we've written about The Daddy Thing; thus, it's no surprise that there's another TiKTok trend based on the attraction, which is referred to as the “Beekeeping Age”.

Kelly Keegen of Cracked wrote in her piece, "Rick and Morty Accidentally Coined Gen Z's Favorite Phrase for Hot Older Guys." (July 12, 2023), that: "[...] Rick and Morty was responsible for TikTokers sexualizing men old enough to be their dads [...]". Kelly was referring to: "[...] the “Beekeeping Age” craze that is, apparently, pervasive among young women on the internet [...]"

She went on to write that: "[...] the latest cultural phenomenon in which the uncomfortable laws of attraction between younger women and older men are examined through memes and TikToks stems from the Season Four episode of Rick and Morty titled 'Promortyus.''"

In the episode's post-credits, Tricia, "the kinky side character", "[...] observes Jerry engaging in his latest hobby of beekeeping [...]" Consequently, Tricia asked Summer, “How old is your dad?" before she confessed, “Summer, I wanna to fuck your dad.”

Unsurprisingly, Kelly wrote that Tricia isn't the only teen teleiophile and that “Beekeeping Age” has replaced “silver fox” and “zaddy” to refer to DILFs. 

Well, it turns out Tricia isn’t the only teenager who lusts after older men with interesting hobbies — in the past year, the phrase “Beekeeping Age” has replaced traditional terms like “silver fox” or the more modern “zaddy” to describe a strata of middle-aged men deemed bangable by terminally online youth.

Maryanne Fisher, a psychology professor at St. Mary's University, gave a scientific reason for teens being attracted to older men in the “Beekeeping Age” range. She shared with USA Today in the post "What is 'beekeeping age' and why is TikTok buzzing about it? Hint: It's not about bees" that if a nymphet refers to you as “Beekeeping Age” then take it as a compliment and know that you are attractive. 

"But, the bottom line is that it is intended as a compliment, in that the man being referred to is attractive, and as we know, intentions matter greatly."

And what makes a older man attractive to TikTokersFisher listed characteristics like: intelligence, calmness, patience, attentiveness, un-neediness, confidence and independence. 

"To be a good beekeeper, one must also be somewhat intelligent and calm and patient," Fisher says. "This man is not keeping bees to get attention from others, which could be argued from other activities like riding a noisy motorcycle or working out in front of others; he's engaged in a meditative calmness. That in itself can be attractive and signal confidence and true independence because he's not trying to signal anything to anyone."

Professor Fisher is correct. Like we shared from Ridley's The Red Queen, a New York Times Notable Book, attraction is not a choice. Ergo, if a man is powerful (i.e. possesses self-control), he'll be attractive - despite his age

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