Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Blumarine by Marc Jacobs: Fashion for Gen Z Angst or Teen Sex Workers?


Brooke Frischer posted on Fashionista that "Heaven [by Marc Jacobs] and Bluemarine Made the High School Movie Wardrobe of Your Dreams a Reality" (JUL 7, 2023). Frischer wrote that Heaven by Marc Jacobs and Bluemarine are "beloved by Gen-Z" and that the campaign was shot "[...] by Petra Collins to boot." Let's take a look at Blumarine by Marc Jacobs before recapping our posts on Jacobs and Collins.

To the dismay of orthodox Jews and Muslims, per Frischer, Blumarine by Marc Jacobs features 11 of the brands best-selling pieces, which boast the brands "signature touches". The best-selling signature pieces consist of ultra-mini skirts, and they mean ultralacy pink camisoles, baby tees, and they mean baby, and cropped sweatshirts - among other revealing pieces. 

Frischer related that Collins photographed the, seemingly, nymphet models at "the same high school the photographer used for Olivia Rodrigo's "Good 4 U" music video". Why? It was done, strategically, to further: "[...] the appeal of the new collaboration for angsty teens and angsty-teens-at-heart everywhere." 

And I would imagine that only an angsty teen would wear a pink lace baby graphic tee (Teddy Bear) with an ultra-mini camo skirt to her high school English class. We say, it's giving 1970s Times Square (teen) prostitute vibes.

Of the graphic pieces, Frischer shared that Nicola Brognano, Blumarine's Creative Director, opined: "Each piece of the capsule is a gem and truly reflects today's spirit, balancing ease and coolness in the most feminine and lighthearted way." Feminine? Absolutely Lighthearted? Absolutely not. 

And Ava Nirui, the creative director of Heaven by Marc Jacobs, said in a statement. "[...] I think this collection makes total sense for both of us."

As for Jacobs and Collins, this is not the first time they've used the allure of nymphets for clout. For example, for Jacobs' Oh Lola fragrance campaign, Dakota Fanning, 17-years-old at the time, seductively held large phallic bottle between of Oh Lola between her legs. Why? Jacobs said that he choose Fanning, because, "I knew she could be this contemporary Lolita, seductive yet sweet." 

And Kendall Jenner, 18-years-old at the time, walked in Jacobs' 2014 New York Fashion Week runway show - in a sheer top, which Claire Knebl of Teen Vogue wrote, unsurprisingly, had the "internet buzzing". 

And to sell her art (books), Collins' Discharge photography exhibit and book featured nymphets in, as the Village Voice described, "various intimate scenes" that addressed the "[...] angst of the female teenage experience [...]".

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