Sunday, January 12, 2020

"The New York Review of Books" & Meek's TO CALAIS, IN ORDINARY TIME: Exchanging Teen [Nymphet] Wives

We have more sources than we can keep up with and consequently, we have not used The New York Review of Books as a source - until now. 

We have a free subscription and only ten pages into our first issue we read of a review of James Meek's To Calais, in Ordinary Time where:

"It is 1348, Berna has stolen a book from her father's library, and now she is getting the gardener to cut her a rose from the grounds of their manor house in Gloucestershire [...] Her father is forcing Berna, who is fifteen, to marry a man of fifty. In exchange, Berna's father will be gifted the groom's daughter as his new young wife."

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