Thursday, February 28, 2013

LOLA (1970): "He's Not My Daddy. He's My Boyfriend."

I heard the term nymphetishist for the first time in the movie Lola (1970), which is about, Scott Wardman (Charles Bronson), a thirty-eight-year-old erotic novelist who married,Twinky, a sixteen-year-old schoolgirl to avoid being prosecuted for statutory rape; however, the writer regretted getting married after the nymphet wouldn't let him concentrate on completing his next novel.

It's worth noting that Charles Bronson's character did a great job of not being needy. He let the nymphet take their relationship to the next level. For example, it was her idea to get married. He even used reverse psychology by saying, "It wouldn't last six months."

Interestingly, the lyrics of the theme song suggest that schoolgirls should be "[...] dumb but pretty like a schoolgirl should be."

Lola (1970) is also known as a London Affair (1970) and Twinky.

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