Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Teen Brooke Shields Sans Panties

Subsequent to Brooke Shields' (pre-teen) nude appearance in Pretty Baby (1978she appeared at the age of 15 in some seductive advertisements for Calvin Klein.

In one Calvin Klein commercial, the camera seductively pans her cowboy boots, then up the right leg of her skinny jeans, and slowly across the nymphet's crotch before finally stopping at her captivating face. 

With her crotch still within view, due to her legs being spread completely open, Brooke looks enticingly into the camera and says, “You wanna know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing.” Thereby letting the viewers know that her 15-year-old crotch was sans panties. 

Thus, the marketing team at Calvin Klein knew that they could use the allure of nymphets to sell overpriced jeans.


  1. Who TF were advertisers marketing to except hebephiles\ephebophiles with these ads? I would've thanked them but I was younger than Brooke at the time and the only I cared about watching was Tom and Jerry. How These Ads got made is beyond me.

    1. But that's nothing compared to some of the teen movies and shows that are airing these days. Have you seen this: I desperately want to do a full write-up on MTV's Award.

    2. Well Cruel Intentions I've seen but I always preferred Cruel Intentions 2 for what I would think would be obvious reasons. Anyway, I've never watched MTV's Awkward or seen Vacation (2015). That's What passes for teen entertainment these days?