Sunday, April 11, 2021

HBO Max's GENERAT+ION: A Teen Dramedy of Oral Sex, a Handjob and Lipstick Lesbians

Here's the plot summary for HBO Max's genera+ion:
Genera+ion is a dark yet playful half-hour following a group of high school students whose exploration of modern sexuality (devices and all) tests deeply entrenched beliefs about life, love and the nature of family in their conservative community. 
The teen dialogue throughout the dramedy series was revealing. For example, Naomi offered Delilah an Oxy[codone], "I think if you snort it it works super fast." But teen alcohol and drug abuse are for another blog; thus, let's focus on how the series made use of the allure of nymphets. 


Arianna complemented Greta, "Your tits look so good." 

Riley shared with Greta, "I once texted 'I'm so wet' to my dad by accident."

Naomi asked Arianna about the time they tried having teen lipstick lesbian sex, "That sleepover we had where we tried scissoring, and I didn't know I had poison ivy. And I got it in your vagina. Is that why you stopped talking to me?"


Nathan, Naomi's brother, shared on a field trip that, when she was a kid, Naomi flashed the mailman: "Never have I ever shown my vagina to the mailman when we were kids."

Riley, a budding teen photographer, revealed, "I did a photo assignment of these guy's faces as they were cumming."

And after Naomi shared, "I fucked J [without a condom]." She was asked, "What was it like?" "Amazing. I mean it--I mean it was kind of fast 'cause he had to pull out but amazing."


In addition to what we learned about Naomi via the "dark" high school student dialogue (e.g., She keeps Oxy, she had teen lipstick lesbian sex (i.e., scissoring), and she flashed her young vagina at the mailman.), Naomi was shown half-nude upon the high school's toilette where she exclaimed, "Shit on my dick!" She googled: "How to stop gag reflex", and with a tube of lipstick, she tested her gag reflex - in the high school bathroom. And she commenced oral sex on a schoolmate - in the high school bathroom.

Riley and Greta

There's more. For instance, like the two teen lesbian scenes that involved Riley who additionally performed a teen hand job on an aquarium employee - at the aquarium, but I think you get the point of the dramedy. 

Lastly and interestingly, genera+ion was co-created by 19-year-old Zelda Barnz. (Per HBO Max, Barnz was 17 when she co-wrote and sold the pilot to HBO Max.) In addition, Barnz is an executive producer and, unsurprisingly, Lena Dunham is an executive producer too. Dunham tweeted correctly: "This show is so true [...]" 

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