Thursday, April 1, 2021

BAD BOYS II (2003): Megan Fox Defends Clubbing in Bikini at 15

Bethany Minelle reported for SkyNews that "Megan Fox defends dancing in bikini for Michael Bay aged 15 in resurfaced clip: In an Instagram statement, the actress says the media and society have "mishandled" the information from the viral footage." (Tuesday 23 June 2020)

Fox says [on Jimmy Kimmel Live (2009)]: "I had just turned 15 and I was an extra in Bad Boys II. They were shooting this club scene and they brought me in and I was wearing a stars and stripes bikini and a red cowboy hat and six-inch heels.

"[Bay] approved it and they said 'Michael, she's 15 so you can't sit her at the bar and she can't have a drink in her hand', so, his solution to that problem was to then have me dancing underneath a waterfall getting soaking wet."

The audience then laugh, and Kimmel replies: "Perfectly wholesome."

Clarifying her age, Fox goes on: "At 15, I was in 10th grade. That's kind of a microcosm of how Bay's mind works."

Consequently and unsurprisingly, some women were upset with Michael Bay and Jimmy Kimmel. For example, Liz W posted in a since deleted tweet: 

teen girls being preyed on by older men has never been taken seriously and still isn't

And Ruby posted:

this is so disgusting,, she repeatedly said she was 15 and he + the crowd just joked about it ?? 

However, in an Instagram post, Fox surprisingly defended Bay:

But when it comes to my direct experiences with Michael [Bay] [...] I was never assaulted or preyed upon in what I felt was a sexual manner. 

Wow, I can 't believe it! Typically, like Liz W and Ruby, actresses will deny any responsibility for their actions that took place in their teen years and will state that they were, in fact, "preyed upon". I'm stunned that Fox did not say that she was a victim and was forced, days after turning 15, to dance in a stars and stripes bikini, a red cowboy hat, and six-inch heels. 

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