Thursday, April 22, 2021

PissTok: TikTok's Gen Z\Teen Pee Fetish


EJ Dickson wrote in her Rolling Stone piece "TikTok: What IS Urophilia? Gen Z Fetish Humor About Getting Peed On" (APRIL 12, 2021) about "[...] PissTok, a segment of TikTok in which zoomers purport to have a raging pee fetish." (A zoomer is a member of Generation Z who were born approximately between 1997 and 2012 and are approximately between the ages of 9 and 24-years-old.)

Dickson wrote: "[...] the general theme is fairly consistent: an individual, usually a [young] woman, concocts a fictional scenario in which she accidentally-on-purpose engages in piss play and likes it."

As a disclaimer, Dickson shared that the PissTok TikToks are jokes but are "[...] edgy enough to attract attention[...]":

"But PissTok is largely dominated by young women, who use the joke as a way to express their ardent sexual desire for their partners or for celebrities [...] So overwhelming is their horniness [...] they seem to saying, that they would happily allow them - nay, even go to great lengths to arrange for them - to pee on them." 

Thus, we can conclude from Dickson that PissToks are edgy jokes used to garner attention. And that PissToks are used by teens to express "ardent sexual desire" and overwhelming horniness. 

On Slate's ICYMI podcast "What We Tok About When We Tok About Piss" (4/21/21), Dickson shared that there has been an increase in teen sex positivity, and she thanked God that Gen Z horniness is taken seriously:

"[...] there's been a real rise in sex positivity and among Gen Z. Joking about wanting to get peed on, even if it cleary a joke, that's not something that when I was a teenager like would have been in the zeitgeist to the extent that it is [...] just claiming [teen] female sexuality in itself you know wasn't really a thing. Like it's probably something that that somebody probably a teenage girl would have been mocked over."

"Thirst in general wasn't really [...] especially female thirst, wasn't something that was commonly accepted [...] [teen] horniness wasn't a thing taken seriously or considered its own currency. And, like, thank God it is now, because it's hilarious."

"It's just been increasingly accepted for young women [i.e., teens] to express their sexuality, in general, and to express their desires, like even, if they're somewhat transgressive or somewhat extreme."

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