Monday, April 1, 2013

Famous Ephebophiles: Peter Cook and Ashton Kutcher | Figures and Faces Sans Youth

Christie Brinkley, Peter Cook and Diana Bianchi.
Matt Ridley wrote in The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature, a New York Times Notable Book, that men are naturally attracted to a trinity of qualities: youth, figure, and face. And that even if a middle-aged woman has the face and the figure, she may not be as attractive as a nymphet.

That may explain why Peter Cook had an affair with 18-year-old Diana Bianchi while he was married to 54-year-old former supermodel Christie Brinkley, who has clearly maintained her figure and face. 

In a 2006 interview with the New York PostBianchi shared that she met Cook when she was a 17-year-old clerk at a toy store in the Hamptons where he offered her a job at his architecture firm. 

At first, “basically, he would slip in little comments and stuff,” 

“He first physically made advances at me . . . probably around a month after I started working there . . . He just started being physically around me more and physically closer to me more,” Bianchi said in a stunning, 45-minute interview with The Post.

“One time, I was standing at the desk, and he was doing something on, like, Microsoft Word, and he wrote, ‘How would you feel if I told you I was attracted to you?’ ” Bianchi, then 18, recalled.

But the conniving Cook continued to aggressively woo her over the next few weeks, assuring her that his famous, 10-year marriage to supermodel Brinkley was already on the rocks.

They soon began sleeping together 

And Ashton Kutcher had an affair with 19-year-old Sara Leal while he was married to 48-year-old Demi Moore, who just like Christie, with the help of plastic surgery, has maintained her figure and the face.

Leal shared her story in a 2011 Us magazine interview:

[...] following a wild, all-night party in his suite at San Diego's Hard Rock Hotel.

"He just came up and kissed me," the Texas native tells Us of Kutcher's first bold move in the wee hours; minutes later, Leal, Kutcher and another young woman were completely nude and in a hot tub on the balcony.

When Kutcher claimed that he was "separated" from wife Moore, 48, Leal tells Us she believed him.

After retreating to Kutcher's bedroom past 6 a.m., "he lost his towel and I took my robe off," Leal says. "Then we had [unprotected] sex."

"He was good," Leal reveals [before they had sex for the second time]. 

Hence, as Ridley explained, Christie Brinkley and Demi Moore, despite their beautiful faces and slim figures, were no match for Diana Bianchi's and Sara Leal's youth

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