Monday, April 1, 2013

Famous Ephebophiles: Peter Cook and Ashton Kutcher

Christie Brinkley, Diana Bianchi, and Peter Cook.
Ashton Kutcher and Sara Leal

I wrote in The Allure of Nymphets about Ridley's findings in The Red Queen that men are attracted to a trinity of qualities: youth, figure, and face. And that even if a middle-aged woman has the face and the figure, she will not be as attractive as a nymphet, which may explain why Peter Cook had an affair with 18-year-old Diana Bianchi while he was married to 54-year-old former supermodel Christie Brinkley, who has clearly maintained her figure and face. And Ashton Kutcher had an affair with 19-year-old Sara Leal while he was married to 48-year-old Demi Moore, who just like Christie, with the help of plastic surgery, has maintained her figure and the face.
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