Wednesday, April 24, 2013

GOSSIP GIRL: How to Blackmail a Nymphet? Reveal Her Affair with Her Drama Teacher

Relationships on teen television shows between students and (English) teachers are typically portrayed in one or maybe two episodes; however, that wasn't the case with Gossip Girl

The student-teacher relationship between the sexually aggressive prep school student Serena (Blake Lively) and her various mentors, teachers and professors extended across the six seasons of the show that was called “Mind-blowingly inappropriate” by the Parents Television Council, “Very bad for you" by the San Diego Union-Tribune, and “A nasty piece of work.” by the New York Post

On the 7th episode of the 6th season of Gossip Girl, Blair (Leighton Meester) "Invoke[d] the order of the secrets" in an attempt to blackmail representatives of the five most powerful Manhattan prep schools into attending her fashion show. 

And how did she attempt to blackmail the nymphets from The Nightingale-Bamford School, The Brearley School, The Chapin School, and The Spence School to comply with her demand? 

Blair surmised that at least one of the prep school nymphets had an affair with her drama teacher, another with her Latin teacher and another with her father's business partner.

"Invoke the order of the secrets [...] If they don't do what you say, spill their secrets [...] And if your refuse, she'll have no choice but to reveal your affair with your drama teacher. Your Latin teacher. Your father’s business partner.” "

The Boston Herald referred to the teen show as “Every parent’s nightmare.”

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