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LOVE ISLAND: Teen Gemma's Age-Gap Italian Stallion | A Gemma (19) + Davide (27) Timeline

Dusty Baxter-Wright posted on Cosmo UK (6 JUN 2022) that "Love Island Gemma [Owen] sparks same reaction from fans during launch episode". 

Gemma is an international dressage rider, she's the daughter of former England footballer Michael Owen, and she's an old(er) nymphet at a whopping 19. Consequently, Love Island fans were taken aback by her age. 

Holli tweeted: "She's 19?! I'm 19 and get ID'd for a red bull #LoveIsland. And Dani APG tweeted: "Gemma and I are the same age I'm at uni and she's on Love island #LoveIsland

And Annabel Nugent posted on the Independent that "Love Island viewers urge show to impose a minimum age restriction after ‘mad’ age gaps in first episode", because, after initially being chosen by the second youngest player on island, 22-year-old Liam Llewellyn, Gemma repeatedly shared with the other Love Islanders that she was attracted to Davide Sanclimenti -  a 27-year-old Italian Stallion. Gemma confessed:

"He's like tall, muscular. He's just Italian. Italian's [are] just fit."

"Davide is the guy I'm most attracted to."

Gemma (19) & Davide (27)

Towards the end of episode 1, during a game of game of Dare, Davide commanded: "Kiss the islander you want to share a bed with." Consequently, to Liam's dismay, Gemma kissed the older Italian Stallion; thereby, letting him know that she wants to share a bed with him. 

However, netra tweeted: "Please please please have a minimum age requirement of 21 I don't want to see a 19 year old kissing someone who's pushing 30 #loveisland

It's almost as if netra is blaming Love Island and the Italian Stallion for Gemma's age-gap attraction. If were a betting man, I would "Bet the house" that netra was pro (teen) sex worker and pro (teen) porn star whose typical clients  and co-stars are not teens.

(Note: As Davide was a surprise addition to the reality cast, it appears that no grooming was involved in the formation of this age-gap relationship.)

Gemma (19) & Davide (27)

Unsurprisingly, by the end of episode 2, the Italian Stallion took Gemma, the youngest of the young women on the island, from Liam.

Update 6/9/22

Gemma (19) & Davide (27) Share a Bed

On episode 3, Gemma said that she was excited that she and Davide were an [age-gap] couple, and that she was really looking forward to the future of their relationship. Relatedly, Davide said that he was “really happy”. And Gemma and Davide shared a bed, which Gemma said was “nice”.

Gemma, “So, Me and Davide are now a couple, which I’m quite excited about. I’m really happy. I’m really looking forward to get[ing] to know him a bit more and just see where it goes.”

Davide, “I’m feeling really happy [....] I’m in a couple now with Gemma. And I’m really happy that she actually felt the same as me. I feel there is something good between us; so, I want to know Gemme better here.”

Gemma, “First time sharing a bed with Davide was nice [...] having someone fit in your bed’s always nice; so, yeah, [I’m] really happy this morning.”

Subsequently, Gemma received a text informing her to “please get ready” for her date with Davide: 
"It’s time for your first date, please get ready to leave the Villa #simplythezest #firstdatevibes"

First Date: Gemma (19) & Davide (27)

netra and Twitter may not have been happy about the age-gap date, but Gemma's castmates were overjoyed as they shouted, “Date! Date! Date!”

On the date, the age-gap couple discussed marriage and the number of kids they would like to conceive. Genna 4. Davide 2. And Davide told Gemma, “I mean, since I entered [Love Island], I noticed you straight away.”

After the date, Gemma related to the other young women, “I’m [even] more into him [...]” Aww...

Gemma (19) & Davide (27)

Update 6/10/22

Prior to episode 4, there was no clear indication that Davide knew that Gemma was 19, but towards the middle of the episode 4, Davide asked Gemma, “What do you think about the fact that I’m much older than you? I mean you are not worried about that?”
Gemma, “No it’s not an issue for me - at all. I feel like if it was then I wouldn’t of wanted to get to know you in first place. And as I’ve said, like, I’ve been speaking to guys and seeing guys that”

Davide, “[Are] [m]uch older than you.”

Gemma, “Yeah, so it’s not, it’s not something that I’m not used to or you’re the only one or anything like that. It’s very normal for me.”
Thus, we learned from Gemma that, prior to Davide and to the dismay of netra and Twitter, she has speaking to and seeing much older guys, which is "very normal" . 

Luca Steals Gemma from the Italian Stallion

Update 6/13/22

At the end of episode 4, Gemma and 23-year-old Luca had a chat, which Davide didn’t take well. Consequently, in episode 5, Davide expressed to Luca that Luca should have had “the balls” to chat with Davide before chatting with Gemma. 

The confrontation between Davide and Luca caused Gemma to imply that the conflict could have been avoided if she would have, initially, chosen Luca over Liam. Thereby, implying that she would not have left Luka for Davide. 

And after her chat with Luca, Gemma shared that she was “definitely more interested in getting to know him more [than Davide].” But during a chat with Ekin-Su, Davide informed her, “I coupled with Gemma; so, of course I’m interested in her, but as well, I’m interested in knowing you better.”

In the end, the age-gap Love (Island) affair between Gemma and the Italian Stallion ended after “snakey” Luca took Gemma from Davide - leaving Davide to couple with Ekin-Su.

Update 6/18/22

Jacques O’Neill and Gemma Reunite

On episode 6, 23-year-old Jacques O’Neill joined the Love Island; thereby, revealing that Gemma was being honest with Davide when she confessed that it was “very normal” for her to be in an age-gap relationship, because Jacques and Gemma are exes. 

The former age-gap couple seperated, per Gemma, “like a year and half ago” - in other words, they seperated when Gemma was 17 and Jacques 21. 

And Gemma shared that they were together for eight months, which implies that Gemma was 16 when she started dating 20-year-old Jacques. 

Unsurprisingly, Gemma shared with the other young ladies: 
Gemma, “[...] I still do fancy him. Like 100%. I look at him and think, ‘You are fit.’ No question.”
Ekin-Su, “Davide 2.0” 
Gemma, “Yeah. Yeah.”

Gemma Kisses Davide

We shared previously, that towards the end of episode 1, during a game of game of Dare, Davide commanded: "Kiss the islander you want to share a bed with." And to Liam's dismay, Gemma kissed the older Italian Stallion; thereby, letting him know that she desired to share a bed with him. 

But, consequently, Iona Rowan posted on Digital Spy "Love Island hit with over 200 Ofcom complaints after Gemma Owen and Davide kiss" (16 JUN 2022) with the age-gap kiss provoking 167 complaints alone. 
Love Island has received over 200 Ofcom complaints from viewers over Gemma Owen and Davide Sanclimenti's eight-year age gap.

The pair were coupled up in the first week of the ITV2 dating show, but there has been much debate about Gemma, 19, being too young for Davide, 27, and their kiss in an episode airing on June 7 sparked some controversy.

Following the kiss, Ofcom has released its list of complaints for the previous week, revealing that this episode of Love Island received 167 complaints.
Rhetorical question: If Gemma would have announced on the island that after the show, she planned to use her newfound fame to launch a teen OnlyFans account to entertain (older) men for pounds, would that pronouncement have garnered a single complaint to Ofcom?

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