Sunday, June 5, 2022

Zena: A British Sugar Baby

If you thought being a sugar baby was limited to high school girls and college coeds - think again, because there are sugar babys in their 30s. And just like teen prostitutes, the clients of the 30-year-old sugarbabys are much older as well. 

In Lauren Libbert's Grazia post 'My Life As A Secret Sugarbaby' (28 12 2021), Zena, a 31-year-old business owner and mother of two from Manchester, made it known that she didn't have to be a sugar baby. She simply wanted a sugar daddy for more money. Thus after another parent informed Zena, on the school's playground, that she earned her designer handbag by being a sugar baby, Zena made an account on - that very night.  
I didn’t need a sugar daddy; I wanted one. I am a working mum of two children, now eight and four, with two beauty businesses of my own which had already earnt me a fair amount of financial success. But I was – am - ambitious for more. A financial leg up from an attentive, successful man was appealing.

John, Zena's third sugar daddy, was 52 and exchanged, among other perks, the following items with Zena:

  • Vivienne Westwood jewelry 
  • Designer Fendi
  • A Chanel bag on Mother’s Day

But what Zena liked to exchange the most was money. She even "[...] opened a separate ‘sugar daddy’ account so he could make direct payments."

While the luxuries were lovely, it was John’s gifts of money that excited me the most. Every now and again, he’d secretly ring ahead at the beauty salon where I’d go for my cosmetic treatments and put £500 on account. In lockdown, he knew I was having cash flow problems and gifted me £5,000 to inject into my business. 

His most significant and generous payment was towards my first home. On our first date, I mentioned I had found a four-bedroom house to buy and was saving for the £20,000 deposit. When I told him I had managed to save half, he surprised me with the most generous offer ever. [Emphasis added] 

At some point I’ll want to stop being a sugar baby, but making money is my main priority right now. 

Zena even said that John "always insisted" on giving her money, because it made him "happy", which made it "easier to accept."  It appears that Zena is confused about what it John was referring to. But she did share that: "Sex with John felt natural after a few dates [...]" She's a natural.

And like Demi Moore's momZena's mom was in on it too. (Note: Zena' s dad cheated on her mum with a young woman - a whopping 40 years younger.)

Still, today, the only person who knows about our relationship is my mum, as she looks after my kids when I’m away.

Lastly, Zena opined: "I wasn’t a prostitute." Really? #semantics 

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