Monday, November 23, 2020

THE DREW BARRYMORE SHOW: A High School Teacher Marries His [Former] Student

As of late, in addition to my reliable sources (e.g., Vanity Fair, New York Magazine), I've been using gossip podcasts and tea social media accounts for sources of nympholepsy in pop culture. 

DeuxMoi, "curators of pop culture", posted on her Instagram story:

Different kind of tea - people in CT are onnn it yet again. On the Drew Barrymore show that aired Friday (11/20) Drew hosted a couple's wedding live on the show. Turns out the couple is from Connecticut and is a former student marrying her teacher and the relationship started when she was 17 and he was 29/30. They lied about how they met on the show saying the met "in school through mutual friends". But in reality he was her high school teacher. On the show's Instagram people are going nuts in the comments exposing them but neither Drew or the Drew Barrymore [Show] have responded yet

Here are some of the comments:

jacqueline.elizabeth_: Y'all know they didn't meet from mutual friends and she was his student in high school right?

taylorblanks: They got together as teacher/student in high school gotta love Shelton High

lindsaycathryn_: "Met through mutual friends" if mutual friends was his classroom then sure. They were dating when she was 17 and he was do I know? I graduated with Selina in 2013

dianawillie: Buuuuuuut she was his student. He was her teacher. I know because I knew him way back when- before he decided to date a 17 year old when he was 29. How can anyone lie to Drew Barrymore who is the cutest, sweetest person?

Lastly, kiwishayee posted: Unfortunately this isn't the first teacher from Shelton High School to date a student, but he is the first to get away with it 

But I wonder why kiwishayee didn't comment: Unfortunately this isn't the first student from Shelton High School to date a teacher, but she is the first to get away with it

Dan shared on the The Drew Barrymore show, "I knew she was special right from day one." LMAO. And it appears that Salina almost confessed to Drew about her high school teacher-student relationship, "We met several years ago in school through mutual friends [...] I feel like there's so much to say but [...]" [Emphasis mine] 

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