Saturday, December 12, 2020

Famous Age-Gap Couple: Charles, Prince of Wales & Diana, Princess of Wales

Lady Diana (19) & Charles, Prince of Wales (32)
Officially Announce Engagement

It is well-know how Diana the Princess of Wales' story ends but some may not know how it began. 

Elena Nicolaou posted "The Definitive Timeline of Prince Charles and Princess Diana's Relationship: Diana met Prince Charles when she was 16" on Oprah Mag:

"According to their official engagement interview, Charles and Diana, then 29 and 16, met [in 1977] at the Spencer family home."

"Charles and Diana, then 18-and-a-half, reconnected [in 1980] during a summer weekend at a mutual friend's house. They reportedly bonded over a conversation [...] Diana recalled the awkward encounter that transpired after that conversation. “The next minute he leapt on me, practically. It was strange. I thought, ‘This isn’t very cool’...but I had nothing to go by because I’d never had a boyfriend,” Diana said."

"After that weekend, Diana and Charles went on a few dates, like to Andrew’s royal yacht or to Balmoral Castle in Scotland"

"In September 1980, Diana traveled to the northern reaches of Scotland to spend a weekend with Charles and his family at Balmoral."

"[In] February 1981: Charles, 32, and Diana, 19, officially announce their engagement."
Lady Diana (19) & Charles, Prince of Wales (32)
Officially Announce Engagement

Subsequently, 32-year-old Charles, Prince of Wales married 20-year-old Lady Diana.

The Washington Post reported that 750 million people watched the wedding on television and 600,000 Europeans ogled from the streets of London. 

Netflix's “The Crown” has propelled Diana, Princess of Wales back into the zeitgeist, but surprisingly, unlike 37-year-old Sir Scott Disick who is reportedly dating 19-year-old Amelia Hamlin, I have not read or heard any backlash against the royal age-gap. 

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