Friday, April 26, 2013

Famous Ephebophile: Henry Miller

Henry Miller and model Sandi Hemphill

Henry Miller and his Young Wife

Thus far, I've read three of Henry Miller's books, and each book had characters who were involved in age-discrepant relationships:

In Tropic of Capricorn Miller had an "encounter"with a beautiful sixteen or seventeen-year-old “Jewess”. And Miller got his sixteen-year-old piano student pregnant.

In Tropic of Cancer, Miller wrote about aspiring writer Van Norden who lured young virgins into his room with his poetry before taking their virginity. Also, Fillmore was introduced to a Russian nymphet by his boss who had impregnated the girl's sixteen-year-old friend.

In Sexus, Miller learned that Mona, his young future fiancée “…had her hymen broken at the age of fifteen,” for $1,000 by a man who allegedly had a fetish for deflowering young virgins. And Dr. Onirifick's jealous wife threatened to report him to the district attorney for being, "... after that twelve-year-old niece of his ..."

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  1. The lady in question is model, Sandi Hemphill