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Julia Fox: NYC High School (Teen) Sex Worker\Dominatrix

Inarguably, Julia Fox is more famous for her relationship with Kanye "Ye" West than her breakout role in Uncut Gems (2019). Consequently, her fame has resulted in more curiosity about her history. 

Per Chris Gardner's Hollywood Reporter piece, Fox was born in Milan, but she moved to the UES of NYC when she was in elementary school, and by high school at City-As-School in the West Village section of Manhattan, she was working as a teen dominatrix. Fox shared with Gardner, “[...] I got into the sex industry pretty young, doing S&M stuff.”

Unsurprisingly, Fox related that she wasn't the only NYC high school sex worker, “I had heard about another girl who was doing it [...] I did it, and it was great.” (It's safe to assume that Fox's clients were ephebophiles.)

Julia Fox

Fox elaborated on her life, pre and post teen sex worker, with Alex Cooper on the Call Her Daddy podcast. Fox shared that she started clubbing with she was ≈ 14-years-old - "slutty" but in braces, and she started using drugs, regularly, when she was 16:

Cooper: "How old were you when you first went clubbing?"
Fox: "Like proper clubbing? Maybe like 14 [...] They were so clearly fake [IDs] [...] but you see, like, slutty [girls] [...] You’re gonna let them in. The hot underage [girls] [...]"
Cooper: "Nobody gives a fuck."
Fox: "I had braces, and they were letting me in, girl."
Cooper: "When did you first experiment with drugs?"
Fox: "Probably in, like, middle school. Like 6th or 7th grade?"

Fox told Gardner that she heard about being a teen sex worker from another City-As High student, but Fox told Cooper that she found the job in Craigslist's adult section, that she was offered the job, which she was "naturally very good at it", after she wrote "a sadistic BDSM fantasy off the top". And Fox roped in her BFFs to join her in teen sex work:
"I can’t work in the pastry shop forever. I’m gonna need more money; so, I just went on Craigslist, and I went on the adult’s section and everything was like, sex [...] be my slutty secretary [...]"

"He loved it. He hired me on the spot. And obviously I roped in some of my [teen] BFFs to come with me [...] and I was just naturally very good at it."

Fox said that she didn't have (teen) sex with her slaves, whom it's safe to assume were not high school boys, but her slaves were allowed to do "hot" things like kiss her feet, she would sit on their faces - in her "panties", and her slaves were allowed to buy her expensive dungeon wear:

“Like they could kiss my feet. I could smother them. Maybe sit on their face, like, with my panties [...]”

“[...] there would be times in a session where I’d be like, “Oh damn, this is actually, like, horny as fuck! This is hot!” 

“We would, like, finess the $400 latex. The good shit.”

Interestingly, Cooper did not mention that Fox was in high school when she initiated her and her BFFs careers as sex workers. 

Fox told Popsugar's Corinne Sullivan that her job as a teen dominatrix prepared her for acting:

"My after school job was a dominatrix, so you know, it was fantasy role play [...] so I'm good under pressure and I can read someone and know what it is that they want. I pick up subtle cues very well and pay attention to detail."
Interestingly, prior to filming Uncut Gems, Fox made, Fantasy Girls, a short film that she shot after meeting a group of 13 to 15-year-old nymphets in Reno. The "artful" film is about Reno's underground nymphet prostitution ring and teen sex trafficking. Fox explained to Elle's Julie Kosin:
So I went to Reno with my childhood best friend with [the idea of] making a movie. We enter the city and meet this group of kids on the side of the road, and we just both knew, we're going to uncover this story in this little mix. After speaking with some of their guardians, we were informed [that] the whole town is an underground [teen] prostitution ring. So many children are being trafficked and girls go missing all the time, and they were at risk. I was like, I want to tell this story in an artful way, not like a documentary.
Julia Fox's PTSD

In the end, one could safely assume that if Kanye had shared that he hired a high school sex worker, he would be justifiably (completely) canceled but customarily, like most teen sex workers, Fox has been proverbially acquitted.   

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