Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lena Dunham's GIRLS Middle School Nymphomaniac

(Fig. 1 Girls Season 2 Episode 3)
I'm not sure exactly why Lena Dunham has been referred to as the female Woody Allen. Maybe it's because they are both Jewish and have a similar since of humor. I wrote in The Allure of Nymphets about another commonality between the two writer/directors, which is that most of their movies have an age-discrepant relationship plot or subplot. For example, in Woody Allen's Manhattan (1979), the middle-aged protagonist (Allen) had an affair with a high school student until he regrettably left her for an older woman. Here's a line from Dunham's movie Creative Nonfiction (2009) that she wrote and directed:

 “OK, so there's this girl. She's in high school. She's taken up with her English teacher. And he loves her poetry; you know, which is how the whole thing starts. And it's like that whole kinda like, see me after class thing. And he takes her away to this cabin that he has, which is in the country.”

On the second episode of season two of Dunham's HBO show Girls, which recently won a Golden Globe for 'Best Comedy Series', Hannah's (Lena Dunham) roommate (shockingly) suggested (Fig. 1) that she wear an outfit that was, " ... inspired by a girl I went to middle school with who fucked both her uncle and her step-dad." 

Lena Dunham, who won the Golden Globe for 'Best lead actress in a comedy or musical series' for Girls, co-wrote that episode and apparently feels that it's funny when a middle-school aged girl (i.e. between the ages of 10 and 13-years-old) has sex with a middle-aged man - even if the man happens to be her uncle or step-dad.

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