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Noah Hawley's ANTHEM: Like Jeffrey Epstein, The Wizard's Insatiable for Teen Sex

We learned about Hawley Noah's Athem from the New York Times post "16 New Books Coming in January". Here's the book's synopsis from the post:
A cast of teenagers defend against a number of adversaries — from a widespread mental health crisis years after the outset of the coronavirus pandemic to a malevolent man resembling Jeffrey Epstein — in this new thriller from Hawley, known for his work on TV series such as “Bones” and “Fargo.”

Naturally, we focused on the "malevolent man resembling Jeffrey Epstein" (i.e., E. L. Mobley) whom is profiled in the chapter "The Wizard", which opens with materialistic similarities between Mobley (aka The Wizard) and Epstein:

When they write about E. L. Mobley, they often describe him by the things he owns. The private 737, the six-story, fifty-room mansion off Madison Avenue, the five other palatial estates from Florida to Tokyo to Rome. He is a man with his own Caribbean island and possibly a gold mine in West Africa. Journalists list the presidents he befriended, the Russian oligarchs and Chinese party leaders who call him on his cell phone.

By the second paragraph, we learn that The Wizard "[...] likes women, the younger the better." e.g., "[...] some as young as fourteen." And that, "He has slept with thousands. [Because] [i]n New York City they are plentiful and cheap." He calls them "animal brides" and "[...] in a special chamber [...] he violates them, their cries ringing inside the perfectly honed acoustic bowl."

Like Epstein, The Wizard has "rabbateurs" whom procure “[...] young women for his entertainment, his amusement, his consumption [...] sometimes seeing three different girls a day [for "massages"]."

Massages, that’s what he pays them for. Have you ever given a massage, sweetie? And then you see how far they will go once you’re naked on the table. If you roll over and lower the sheet. If you put their hand on it, force their heads down.

Interestingly, like Epstein's masseuses, Hawley portrays The Wizards masseuses as "helpless" and “[...] girls with trauma in their past, girls with self-esteem issues, eating disorders. Victims, in other words.” And like Epstein, The Wizard has a high school student, the Troll, whom “[...] bribes young girls to come to the Wizard’s parties.”

Per Netflix's Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich (episode 1), one of Epstein's Trolls was 16-year-old Haley Robson. Interestingly, Robson didn't appear to have the characteristics of a victim as she was a competitive equestrian (#moneyteam), her mother was a banker (#moneyteam), and her father was a police officer (#WTF).

Haley Robson

In the documentary, Robson shared that she volunteered to deliver Epstein nymphets for $200 per head!
Detective: The girl that was going knew she would have to massage him?
Robson: She knew everything.
Detective: How long have you been working for him?
Robson: I probably worked for him for a year.
Robson went on to share with the documentarians, "I probably recruited maybe 24 [underage] girls."
Robson: Those girls brought other girls, too.
Detective: Okay.
Robson: So, it's like a train.
Detective: Who else was underage?
Robson: Under 18? All of them.
In addition, Robson informed the documentarians that she recruited her high school friends ($200 per head) whom she drove to Epstein's house: 
"I would recruit girls that were friends. I would just casually bring it up. And we would drive together to his house. I would take them to the room, and then I would walk out. Sometimes I would wait out by the pool. When the girls would leave, Jeffery would come outside to pay me [...]"
Somehow, unlike Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, Robson was never charged with a crime. This is despite the fact that a detective informed Robson that she clearly implicated herself in a second-degree felony:
Detective: "At this point, you've clearly implicated yourself in a crime. Okay? You've taken girls to somebody's house for the purposes of [teen] prostitution [...] Now that's a pretty significant second-degree felony."

In addition, it appears that Hawley's Bathsheba DeWitt is based on Epstein's Maria Farmer

Maria Farmer's Nude Teen Paintings

Per Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich (episode 1), Epstein and Maxwell asked Maria to do an artist-in-residency in a 26,000 square foot home behind Les Wexner's house in New Albany, Ohio. For an unexplained reason, Maria decided to do a series of paintings "[...] about puberty - girls partially nude [in] voyeuristic kind of private moments but not sexual." The paintings were based on nude photographs that Maria took of her nymphet sisters. For example, Annie was 12-years-old in her nude photograph! #art

Lastly, Hawley wrote that DeWitt "[...] was seduced by her math teacher when she was just fifteen, after a long campaign of notes and calls ending in her deflowering in the back of his Volkswagen."

But in IRL and in fiction, unlike popular assumptions about student-teacher affairs, typically, the student is the seducer of the teacher whom can't resist the allure of a nymphet. Hawley even wrote of DeWitt:
At first her [young] body would give her power [over boys and men]. She would be the puppet master, Salome on a dais, and they would follow her with their eyes the way dogs will follow the food in your hand.
And the same goes for teen prostitutes. In a number of cases, they're underprivileged teen prostitutes, but in a number of cases, IRL and in fiction, like Robson, they consensually exchange teen sex for money

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