Wednesday, July 31, 2013

NIP/TUCK (2007): "I Like Having Sex with Older Men. It's a Daddy Thing."

On Nip/Tuck (S05E07), after Eden (AnnaLynne McCord), an 18-year-old high school student, had "get it out of our system" sex with Dr. Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh), she decided to abruptly leave the plastic surgeon's apartment and go "out" to the Whiskey.

"I'll go with you. Don't you want me to?"  Dr. Sean McNamara asked.
"After sex clinginess happens all the time - especially with older guys." Eden replied.
"Are you saying there's no chemistry here?" 
"I like having sex with older men. It's a daddy thing. [But] I don't date guys with grey pubes."

What Eden said is true. Just like in Solitary Man (2009), when Ben Kalmen (Michael Douglas) had sex with his 18-year-old step-daughter, he became clingly as well. Older men often become clingly after they have been initially seduced by nymphets and their true nature as ephebophiles is released after being dormant for years. And they tend to no longer have patience and allow the nymphets to seduce them. Instead of maintaining their attractive nature, they tend to become needy and aggressive, which often causes them to lose their young women and land them on the wrong side of the law

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