Monday, July 29, 2013

90210 (2009): High School (Meghan Markle) Oral Sex & Teens and Married Men

In the pilot episode 90210, 15-year-old Wendy (Meghan Markle) performed oral sex on Ethan, the star of the Lacrosse team, in an SUV in front of West Beverly Hills High School.

The first episode of the second season of the teen drama 90210 opens with Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) daydreaming at her desk about Jason, a middle-aged man she is obsessed with whom she met at Barneys. This is what she had to say to her high school friends about Jason:

"Oh my God, Jason is so witty. This is good. I am finally going out with a real man. He's so [...] Brilliant. He reads book you guys. For fun. I'm telling you, the minute I met him a thrill went up my spin [...] High school boys no nothing about [...] how to pleasure a women [... ] Jason has these hands. They're like, man hands. I'm telling you, I cannot wait to have those hands all over this [...]"

However, after Naomi discovered that Jason was married, she had second thoughts about the age-discrepant relationship. In an effort to convince the nymphet that his marriage shouldn't stop them from having a relationship. Jason said, "When we met at Barneys it sent a thrill up my spin [too].Your a special girl.I know it's a little inconvenient that I'm married, but I'm sure we can find some way to work around it. Listen, I think we're bigger than labels."

But Naomi didn't fall for it. She said, "I am not a cheating skank."

Actually, the episode is somewhat unrealistic, because, in general, nymphets are attracted to married (older) men. 

90210 (S02E01) Naomi & Jason Clip

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