Monday, July 22, 2013

THE NEW YORKER: How to Seduce a Nymphet

We wrote an entire chapter in The Allure of Nymphets on how to marry a nymphet. For example, we wrote about the importance of having the proper mindset (e.g., not being needy and being mentally powerful (i.e., having extreme self-control)).

The ephebophile in "Down in the Reeds by the River" by Victoria Lincoln sets a good example of what it takes to seduce a nymphet. In the short story that appeared in the September 28, 1946 issue of the The New Yorker, Connie, a 14-year-old "[...] wiry, red-headed" girl, shared a romantic moment with Mr. deRocca, an approximately 50-year-old carpenter from Italy, whom she met after she moved to a small city in Kansas from California.

Typically, stories and movies about ephebophiles have the men go about approaching nymphets in the wrong way, but Lincoln has Mr. deRocca make all the right moves. For example, as Connie watched Mr. deRocca, as nymphets typically do, from the corners of her eyes, she noticed that despite his age, "[...] the flesh under his skin was firm and didn't hang down [...] He looked harder and nicer than other older men." (That is why we shared in The Allure of Nymphets that R. Don Steele advises that middle-aged men should be fit. But we would caution that a middle-aged man doesn't want to be fit to attract nymphets, but he should want to be fit, because it's healthy. Otherwise, he may come off as being needy.)

After Mr. deRocca cordially asked Connie to please sit and offered her bite to eat, she said, "[...] it was lovely being treated like a lady, that I could not disappoint him." Lincoln's Mr. deRocca obviously knew that one of the best ways to seduce a nymphet was to make her feel like a lady.

In addition, Mr. deRocca sincerely complemented Connie on her young beauty. He said, "Pretty name for a pretty girl," to which Connie thought, "No one had told me I was pretty since my mother died. I was grateful to him [...]"

Lastly, Mr. deRocca knew to have patience and take things slowly with the nymphet. After he slipped his hand down Connie's back and around her waist, he paused. Connie related that, "[...] if he had hurried, if he had let me see his eagerness, I should have run away crying. I should have run away full of fear and hate [...]"

(We must reiterate that men must follow the age of consent laws in their respective states or countries.)

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