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AND JUST LIKE THAT: Prestige Streaming Teen Sex

On "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered" (s01e08) of And Just Like That, the Sex and the City reboot, Charlotte discovered that Lily, her 16-year-old adopted daughter, had a Finsta (i.e. a "private" Instagram account) where Lily posted selfies under the username hililyhilow in what Lily described as "workout wear" (e.g. a hot pink spandex crop top and a blue spandex bottom), which reminded me of Mare of Mare of Easttown whom said, "Trust me. Teenage girls are fucking sneaky."

Lily's "Sexy" Workout Wear Finsta Selfie

Unsurprisingly, Charlotte said that Lily's workout wear selfie was "sexy" and that Lily had a "look" in her eye. colin55 agreed with Charlotte and posted that Lily was "hawwwwwwwt"; consequently, Charlotte wanted to know if Lily was a teleiophile and if Colin was 55-years-old.

Charlotte, "What is this?"
Lily, "It's workout wear."
Charlotte, "Sexy workout wear. And what is this look in your eye? And who is colin55? And is 55 his age?"

In another bit of foreshadowing, on "No Strings Attached" (s01e09), Lily decided that she wanted to learn how to use a tampon. After Charlotte reminded Rose, "[...] there's really only one hole that it can go into." Charlotte demanded that Lily, "Just stick it in! Jam it up there Lily! Just do it!" Ultimately, after a number of unsuccessful attempts, Lily exclaimed, "It's in!"

Mare of Mare of Easttown

Based on Lily's private and public behavior, Mare would not be surprised to learn that on "Bomb Cyclone" (s02e06), 17-year-old Lily proclaimed “I’m ready to lose my virginity."

Lily, “Hey, mom. Did you call that person at Nobu to make the lunch res for me and Blake at 1?”
Charlotte, “Oh no, with all the Polo excitement I forgot. I’ll do it in a minute.”
Lily, “It’s almost 11. We’ll never get in now.”
Anthony, “Booho. You’re 17-years-old. Go to Shake Shack and call it a day.”
Lily, “I can’t lose my virginity after a lunch at Shake Shack.”
Charlotte, “Excuse me.”
Lily, “I’m ready to lose my virginity. And now it won’t be the perfect day that I had planned. “

However, Mare may be surprised to learn that Charlotte made a complete 180 on her view of Lily's sexuality. Not only did Charlotte suggest that Lily use a condom, which sly Lily had been familiar with since the 5th grade, but Charlotte suggested that Lily focus on her (teen) sexual pleasure.

Charlotte, “Condoms obviously.”
Lily, “I’ve been hearing about condoms since the 5th grade. We’re on it.”
Charlotte, “And Lily I just really want you to focus on your pleasure just as much as his pleasure. It is important that you take care of you own needs.”

With Blake's parents in Connecticut, but sans préservatifs, Lily and Blake decided to use the "pull out" method.

Lily, "Blake doesn't have any condoms." "Would you go [and purchase some condoms] for us?"
Charlotte, "I am not about to got out in the middle of a blizzard to get you guys condoms."
Lily, "Okay, okay, Never mind. Blake Googled "how to pull out". We can just try that."

Consequently, with the thought of preventing a teen pregnancy but with the thought of insuring Lily's pleasure, Charlotte hiked through the blizzard to deliver Lily and Blake an assorted pack of condoms, which included: classic, thin, ribbed, and warming condoms. However, Charlotte suggested that Lily avoid the warming one.

Lily, "Mom. Thank you so much."
Charlotte, "Yes. Okay, I got you the assorted pack. There is classic, thin, ribbed. I would avoid using the warming one 'cause you get a rash easily down there. Remember?"
Lily, "Thank you!"

In “February 14th” (s02e07), Kara brought “way too many” edible brownies to Lily’s get together; thus, it’s safe to infer that Lily consumed edibles; however, it’s not clear if Lily started ingesting edibles before or after she starting having teen sex. And it’s not clear if Charlotte condoned Lily’s edibles intake, but Harry, Charlotte’s husband, said in reference to Lily and the edible brownies, “I’m gonna kill our oldest [...]”

Lily: The Morning After (Max)

Unsurprisingly, 17-year-old Lily didn’t only have sex with Blake, because we learned in “There Goes the Neighborhood” (s02e09), that, seemingly only days after losing her virginity to Blake, Lily spent the night with *19-year-old Brady. 

Mare would not be surprised to learn that Lily texted Charlotte that: “[...] she was sleeping on the couch,” but Miranda, Brady’s mother, caught Lily coming out of Brady’s bedroom the next morning. And, “She wasn’t wearing pants.”

Miranda, “I’m fairly certain they hooked up.” “[T]here was no sign of couch-sleeping, and Lily was coming out of Brady’s bedroom.” “She wasn’t wearing pants.”
Charlotte, “Exactly what look did she have on her face?”
Miranda, “The look of a teenager who’s just been caught having sex.”

Initially, Charlotte was dismayed by the news that Lily and Brady had sex, but not because of the teen sex, but because Charlotte said that Lily and Brady were “like cousins”.

In the end, Charlotte had to admit that Lily and Brady, “[...] would have the most beautiful red-headed Chinese-Jewish babies!” Yet, it wasn’t clear if Lily was still having sex with Blake.

[*We know from Anthony, “Booho. You’re 17-years-old. Go to Shake Shack and call it a day,”(s02e06), that Lily is 17, and we know from Lily (s02e09), that Brady is 19, because, Lily told Charlotte, “We [Brady and I] haven’t hung out since [...] I was, like, 12, and he was 14.” However, as Redditors pointed out, this is a continuity error, because Brady was “born” in 2002, which would make him over 20.]

Naturally, Brady wasn’t a virgin when he had sex with Lily. Minutes into “Hello It’s Me” (s01e01), Miranda (over) shared with Charlotte and Carrie:

“I stepped on a used condom in Brady’s room this morning.”
“I was barefoot at the time.”
“Did you hear what I said? I stepped on my son’s semen before coffee.”

Just like a parent right out of Restless Virgins, Charlotte confessed that she condoned Luisa, Brady’s girlfriend, spending the night. Consequently, the next episode, “Little Black Dress” (s01e02), opened with a wild teen sex scene.

Luisa, “Brady!”
Brady, “Yeah, ride me, cowboy!”

Satisfied with the cowgirl position, the teens switched to the missionary position, which caused Brady’s headboard to repeatedly bang against his parent’s wall; ergo, Miranda turned up the volume on the smart TV.

Brady, Blake, Lily and Luisa weren’t the only teens having sex on And Just Like That. On “February 14th” (s02e07), Lisa spotted her son, Herbert Jr., making out with Baxter, his girlfriend, in the prep school’s school yard. 

After Herbert Jr. and Baxter started kissing and Baxter put her thumb down Herbert Jr’s pants with her fingers near his penis, Lisa told Charlotte, “Oh, hell no. It’s a schoolyard, and it’s 3:30!” After Lisa confronted the teens and informed them that there were “scouts from Harvard” on campus, Baxter sheepishly took her thumb out of Herbert Jr’s pants.

Later in the stream, Herbert Jr. had good news for his parents. Just like a parent out of Restless Virgins, Baxter’s parents booked a suite at the Mandarin Oriental on Valentine’s Day for the libidinous teens.

“Mom and dad. Good news […] Baxter’s mom and dad got us a suite at the Mandarin Oriental for Valentine’s Day.”

But unlike the nymphet’s parents, Herbert Sr. and Lisa did not condone the sex suite; however, Herbert offered, “Why don’t you hang here? You’ll have the place to yourselves […]”

Herbert Jr. replied, “Fine,” and left the room, but Lisa informed her husband, “[…] you forgot to tell him that it’s okay to fuck in our bed. ‘Cause that’s happening. This girl has no boundaries.”

But Herbert Sr. reassured his wife that the teens would not “fuck in our bed”, because they’re going have teen sex in Jr’s bed. Herbert Sr. comforted, “They are not gonna have sex in our bed. His? Definitely. But not ours.”

Lastly, And Just Like That has been renewed for a third season, and per Max's head of original programming, the series is: "[...] the #1 Max Original overall, and is the most watched returning Max Original to date [...]"

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