Friday, August 4, 2023

Cosmo[politan] Confessays: A Daddy Girl Forever!

“For Your Eyes Only: Cosmo Confessays: The least-safe-for-work true sex stories we’ve ever published” were published in the July/August 2023 issue of Cosmopolitan. (Illustrations\Anna Rupprecht)

The first of the seven “true sex stories”, “The Night I Became a “Daddy” Girl Forever Altered the Course of My Sex Life”, was shared by “Stella St. Regis”.

St. Regis began her story by relating that, despite only being 22-years-old, she had sex with a “share of daddies” i.e., “[...] men who have literally fathered children as well as hot, dominant, sexy-older-man types.” However, she had never actually called any of her much older lovers ‘Daddy’.

You could say I’ve had sex with my share of daddies—by which I mean men who have literally fathered children as well as hot, dominant, sexy-older-man types. But actually calling any of these men “Daddy” out loud? [...]

However, things changed for the 22-year-old after a: “[...] night in bed at a 5-star hotel with yet another man old enough [...]” to be her father whom happened to be an irresistible married executive at her place of employment.

That is, of course, until my night in bed at a 5-star hotel with yet another man old enough to be my father. We were a workplace scandal waiting to happen, the most cliché of sordid clichés: the 22-year-old assistant and the married executive with a reputation [...] And because I have a somewhat unflattering, occasionally inconvenient, and often frowned-upon thing for the illicit, I couldn’t help myself.

The age-gap affair started via “innocuous work emails” but went from “maybe-unnecessary work phone calls” to “late-night texting” before the young lady received a request from the Big Shot with the sexy voice to “grab a drink and talk shop.”

It started the way it usually does—innocuous work emails that turn into maybe-unnecessary work phone calls (and holy shit, this guy’s voice is sexy) that turn into late-night texting [...] At around 2:30 a.m. one night, he let me know that he was going to be back in town [...] and said we should “grab a drink and talk shop.”

Consequently, the young lady put on her:  “[...] tiniest is-that-really-work-appropriate miniskirt and met him in a ritzy hotel bar [...]”

St. Regis confessed that Big Shot was superior to the other older men whom she had been with since her “daddy-fucking career” began, because he was: “[...] kind and warm, flattering but not sleazy, with the kind of understated confidence that we call Big Dick Energy.”

However, it was Big Shot’s voice that was his most attractive feature to the turned 22-year-old.

[...] his voice was the thing I was most attracted to. Like him, it was confident, not arrogant; deep but not booming; smooth—the way I imagine people who like whiskey think good bourbon tastes. When he asked the question I’d been waiting for:

“How old are you?”
I smiled and said, “I just turned 22.”
“You seem much wiser and more mature than 22,” he said. Checkmate.
“Do you want to raid the minibar upstairs?” he asked [...]

Subsequently, the age-gap couple: “[...] were making out frantically, tearing at each other’s clothes [...]” before Big Shot asked, “Do you like name-calling?”

“Like what?” I asked, feeling suddenly innocent.
“Like, I like to be called ‘Daddy.’”
“Yes, Daddy,” I said, the words slipping right off my tongue like I was born to say them.
“Good girl,” he said. I can still feel those words working their way down my body.
“Are you going to lie back and be a good little slut for Daddy?” he asked.
“Yes, Daddy.”

Later, the young lady masturbated while reminiscing about Big Shots dominating language, which made her feel, for the first time, “confident and secure” and ironically “authoritative” in her “submission”. Consequently, she proclaimed: “I was a Daddy Girl now.”

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