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Famous Teleiophile Lily Allen: Age-Gap Teen Sex in Hotel Rooms

Nika Shakhnazarova reported for Page Six that "Lily Allen [shared]: My dad called the cops on me when I lost my virginity at 'about 12'" (August 16, 2023)

Shakhnazarova posted that the British singer shared on Alan Carr's “Life’s a Beach” podcast that while on holiday with her family in Brazil, she "went missing" in the hotel room of "a guy called Fernando" where ≈12-year-old Lily lost her virginity. 

Lily spent the night with Fernando, consequently, her father: "[...] thought she had gone missing and swiftly called the police."

“I actually went missing,” she explained. “I lost my virginity to a guy called Fernando in Brazil. When I was about 12, no I am [not] joking.”

“They thought I actually went missing. I went to his hotel room, and I was on holiday with my dad and brother, and obviously didn’t come back to my room,” she added.

“I woke up [the next day] and there was police all over the hotel. They were literally combing the beach and had T-shirts [asking], ‘Is this what she was wearing?’ 

Teen Lily Allen (Source: My Thoughts Exactly)

On the podcast, Lily referred to Fernando as a guy and not a boy; thus, it's safe to assume that he was (much) older than Lily; however, in her memoir, My Thoughts Exactly (Blink Publishing, 2018), Lily elaborated that Fernando was 20, and she was 14.

I lost my virginity to a guy called Fernando. I met him in Brazil on holiday with Dad and Alfie when I was fourteen. There was a teen bar at the hotel where we were staying, and that’s where we met. Fernando was twenty, and I was flattered that he fancied me, so off I went, trailing after him when he suggested going back to his room. 

He [groomed] fancied me, so off I went, trailing after him when he suggested going back to his room. 

Fernando didn't get into any trouble with the police, because Lily said on the podcast, "I didn’t have the heart to say [to my family and the police], no, I was just losing my virginity.” 

As you can see, Lily said on the podcast that she was ≈12 when she lost her virginity, but in her memoir, she wrote that she was 14; however, 12 seems to be closer to the truth because Gemma Mullin reported for The Sun that "Lily Allen Claims She Dad Sex With Der Dad's Famous Pal When She Was Just 14" (22 September 2018), which Lily elaborated on in her memoir by writing that she had a date with a television star in a bar and after "a couple of drinks" he took her to his room where they had sex.

Teen Lily Allen (Source: My Thoughts Exactly)

[As for] [t]he second time I had sex was [...] I’d been watching my dad play a celebrity charity football game with a television star. After the match, the TV star left his football gear in my dad’s car, and I was dispatched to his hotel to return it. We arranged to meet in the bar there. He bought me a couple of drinks, then took me up to his room and had sex with me. I was fourteen. 

To the television star's dismay, Lily's father, the actor Keith Allen, found out about his daughter's age-gap sex. And how did Lily's father respond? Like Petronella Wyatt's father, he joked about his girl having sex with a man. Lily wrote: "[...] my dad turned me having sex with this guy I hardly knew into a joke between him and his mates."

Unsurprisingly, Lily is a teleiophile, but not only by her actions but by her words as well. In her memoir, she related that when she was a nymphet, she was "infatuated with older men", that having sex with older men was a kickstarter, and she wrote that older guys were more "equipped" than boys to teach her about sex.

It wasn’t a coincidence that my first sexual partners were older than me. [...] I was infatuated with older men because I felt that if I could prove to someone older that I could be mature too, then I was grown-up myself. I didn’t feel comfortable being a child (as I may have mentioned 800 times). Sleeping with older men was a way of trying to kickstart the next chapter of my life. 

I also thought that an older guy would be better equipped to show me what the whole sex thing was about, because I found it so mysterious myself.

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