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Kornelia Ski (18): A Teen Influencer in Leo DiCaprio's Bathroom?

PrimaryLength6976 posted on the NYCInfluencerSnark subReddit (June 7, 2023) that model Kornelia Ski seems to be obsessed with celebrities and that Leonardo DiCaprio appears to appear “everywhere” Kornelia goes. And PrimaryLength6976 reminded Redditors that Kornelia’s a nymphet. 

PrimaryLength6976: Girl seems like she’s obsessed with getting with these celebrities. Every single video seems to be her saying “were gonna get ourselves in “ where celebrities are and leonardo seems to be everywhere she goes. (Mind u shes 18 years old)

PrimaryLength6976 was referencing a TikTok that Kornelia posted on Wednesday 12-28-22. In the video, Kornelia shared that she was going to the UNICEF Gala [in St. Barth] where Drake was going to perform. 

Kornelia, “So, basically, there’s gonna be a ton of celebrities there. I’m gonna be super excited. It’s gonna be huge.” 

And Kornelia stated that, on the previous night, she went out and saw a “ton of celebrities” including, you guessed it, Leonardo DiCaprio. In addition, sans soutien-gorge, Kornelia kindly lowered the strap of her designer wife beater and shared with her followers, “[...] my chest is red, but the rest of my body is tan.”

A week later, on 01-04-23, upon her return from St. Barth, again sans soutien-gorge, Kornelia posted an update TikTok and related that on New Year’s [Eve], she was invited to an after party aboard the Vava, “this giant yacht”, where she “talked with Drake for a little bit”. Subsequently, Kornelia and her friends had some trouble finding a bathroom until. 

Kornelia, “The same friend that got me on, was actually also staying on the boat; so, he actually let us use his bathroom.” 

Who is Kornelia’s friend - you may ask? It appears that PrimaryLength6976 may be onto something about Leonardo appearing “everywhere” Kornelia goes, because Kornelia went on to relate that when she went to that bathroom, it was in fact Leo’s bathroom and that she has receipts. 

Kornelia, “When we actually, like, went to the bathroom [...] I just got a video in Leo’s bathroom. It was the funniest shit.”

One could safely infer from Kornelia (excitedly) name dropping Drake and Leo in two TikToks that, like NYC based influencers like Talia Lichstein and Sydnee Paige, she too is a(n) (open) teleiophile. And random53636463646 may have confirmed our inference when random commented that, allegedly, Long Island born Kornelia has a 22-year-old ex whom she started dating when she was 16, and he was ≈ 20.

random53636463646: [...] she’s from lindenhurst long island😭😭😭 and her 22 yr old exthat she dated since she was 16😵‍💫gave her all the lavish stuff she has (bags, jewelry, vacations, etc) and she broke up with him as soon as she started hanging with celebs but kept all his gifts and still flaunts them LMAOOO

However, like PrimaryLength6976, bravomommy doesn’t appear to condone age-gap relationships. 

bravomommy: “Of course, I don’t support a relationship between and [sic] adult and child though.” 

But bravomommy’s comment is fascinating when one considers that an 18-year-old “child” can, like Sami Sheen, have an OnlyFans account. An 18-year-old can be a (teen) porn star. And in Nevada, an 18-year-old can be a (teen) prostitute. Wait, is bravomommy anti age-gap relationships but, like Julia Fox, pro (teen) sex workers? With that said, it’s safe to assume that Kornelia, Drake and Leo would not opine that Kornelia is a child, a (very) young woman maybe, but not a child. 

And speaking of Drake, unsurprisingly, Kornelia isn’t the only influencer he has “talked” to. We previously posted (July 24, 2022) that, per Page Six, 35-year-old Drake did some ‘yacht hopping’ with 21-year-old Suede Brooks. Leah Sarnoff‍ of Entertainment Tonight added: "They are sweet, whispering in each other's ears and laughing." In addition, prior to Brooks, per W Magazine, 31-year-old Drake dated 18-year-old Bella Harris. 

Source: Reddit\TrustLittleBrother

Leo’s age-gap relationships are famous. But did you know that Leo started dating his ex Camila Morrone when she was 19? Well, I related in Teens Love and Want to F*ck James Franco: A Study of a Life and Works that Daniella Scott of Cosmopolitan wrote that Leonardo DiCaprio met Camila Morrone when she was 12, reunited with her when she was 19, and shortly thereafter started (openly) dating the actress. 

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