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Gen Z Influencer: Escorting Old Men on (Paid) Dates

Casey Lewis’ Substack, After School, consists of: “Daily links 'n things about youth culture and Gen Z consumer trends.” In the DIGITAL CULTURE section of the “Frontal Lobes and Virtual Wives” weekend edition (Jan 14, 2023), Lewis wrote about the latest #grwm (i.e., get ready with me ) TikToks, which are “get ready with me to go on paid dates”. 
The latest in #grwm, the popular TikTok category in which creators share their beauty routines. If you were into the “get ready with me to break up with my boyfriend” TikToks, wait until you see the “get ready with me to go on paid dates” TikToks. 

The most interesting thing about GRWMs, imo, is that while they’re doing their makeup, they’re not actually talking about their beauty routines — the creators are divulging personal anecdotes, giving the viewer a sense that they’re confiding in a friend — the friend being you, the viewer. Master storytellers, these girls!

To give her subscribers an example of a master storyteller, Lewis embedded a Jan 13, 2023 Tweet by noisé (@proetrie) whom shared a “get ready with me to go on paid date” TikTok by aubrey.kidd2 and tweeted that, although he condones escorting, he was shocked by how easy it has become. And he noted that the TikTok’s comments section was riddled with young women asking for the link to where they could also sign up to be paid to go on dates - with much older men. However, noisé noted that most men may start with a paid date, but only with the hope of advancing to paid sex - with their much younger escorts.)

noisé: likely the last tiktok (truly toxic app i’m addicted to) i will be posting but holy shit i’m shocked how easy this all has become—no judgment, good for her but the the comment section was other girls asking for the site.

why do women not realize why these dudes are doing this?!

In the TikTok, Aubrey opened with, “I’m going on a paid date. It’s literally how I pay my rent.” 

A co-worker told Aubrey about the website where it advertises “WhatsYourPrice® for the DATE of a Lifetime”

Aubrey: “She was like, ‘You can go on dates and get paid for it.’ I was like, ‘Oh my God. That sounds so cool. I wanna get paid to go on dates. Like, are you kidding me?” 

Aubrey got the first (paid) date jitters and “bailed out” on her initial offer of $200. However, like the Roman teen prostitutes, materialism (e.g., a desire for “a festival ticket or, like, new clothes for something”) was the impetus that she needed to accept the second offer of $200. 

Aubrey met her date for lunch at a Sushi restaurant in Pacific Beach.  How was the sushi - you may ask? Aubrey: “The fucking best sushi ever.” 

Due to the waitresses and staff looking suspiciously at Aubrey, she assumed that they assumed, “Oh my god, this girl’s an escort.”

Aubrey, who appears to be in her very early 20s described her date as a “crusty, dusty, ugly old man”, but she went on to share that the age-gap date had a “vibe”. And that she and her much older “cool” date had a good conversation.  

Aubrey: “But it was a vibe. We had a good conversation. He was a cool guy.”

After Aubrey’s old man gave her $200 under the table, Aubrey (strategically) informed him that she was going shopping at Urban Outfitters, which was (conveniently) next to the sushi restaurant. Consequently, Aubrey’s date took her to Urban Outfitters for a $500 shopping spree! 

Ergo, like NYC based influencer Talia Lichstein, Aubrey’s inner teleiophile came out, and she exclaimed:

“After that I was like, ‘You know what? Age is just a number.’ I don’t give a fuck if I get weird looks. This is great. I wanna keep doing this!”

Lastly, let's take a look at the comments section that noisé alluded to where, unsurprisingly, like Julia Fox, a number of young women condoned getting paid by (much) older men. 
gracyn meredith: Ma’am I have never signed up so quickly

Sydney B.: once you get past the first date i swear it’s so easy after that to continue doing it!!!!!

KayWithThaBeam: What’s the app or website???

And of course, very young women taking advantage of paid dates (i.e., escorting) isn't new. For example, we we recapped New York magazine's The Cut Sex Diaries feature, "The College Student Starting to Fall for Her Sugar Daddy" (OCT. 3, 2021), which is about a 21-year-old college student slash sugar baby slash part-time prostitute. But what is novel, is that Gen Zers and Millennials appear to be more open about their exploits. 

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