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Semi Nude Leni Klum & Alabama Barker: Sexualized Teens or Teen Sexuality?

16-year-old @leniklum via IG

Leni Klum, Heidi's 16-year-old daughter, and Alabama Barker, Travis' 15-year-old daughter, were in the news recently. 

Hannah Southwick of PageSix posted the article "Heidi Klum’s daughter Leni, 16, covers Glamour Germany 20 years after mom" (April 9, 2021). 

And Heather Waugh for the Daily Mail posted "Travis Barker's daughter Alabama, 15, says Shanna Moakler is an absent mom..." (17 May 2021)

16-year-old Leni Klum

What struck us the most after clicking on the links in the articles, was the similarities between the two nymphets. For example, for the Glamour photoshoot, Leni posed with her denim jacket lowered to expose her young shoulders sans bra straps. Thereby, giving the viewer the impression that she was braless. Bandeau? 

In addition, Leni posted a picture on Instagram with her denim jacket lowered to expose her young shoulders sans bra straps. The post was captioned to promote the magazine's release: "Coming soon… #twomoredays." #[teen]sexsells

[Update March 14, 2023] 

Kristin Contino reported for Page Six's Style section (March 2, 2023) that "Leni Klum poses pantsless for Flaunt magazine". Contino wrote:

No pants, no problem.

Leni Klum, 18, graces the cover of Flaunt magazine’s new issue [...] wearing a pair of Wolford fishnet tights ($55) with nothing over [or under] them [...] 

Interestingly, one can infer from Leni and Heidi that they have no regrets and are not embarrassed by the teen's semi-nude photo's. 

The 18-year-old also reflects on her mother making her wait to model until she was older, admitting the decision was smart.

“It would’ve been so different if I’d started younger,” she says in the interview. “I would’ve regretted posting certain photos of myself. I would’ve been like, ‘This was so embarrassing.’” 

Unsurprisingly, if Leni went bottomless she'd go topless, which the 17-year-old did for RollerCoaster magazine (Autumm/Winter 2021).  RollerCoaster posted on Instagram: 

In our AW21 issue, the 17 year old cover star shares the best advice her mother has given her, where she finds her style inspiration, and why she’s using her platform to pave the way to a greener planet. #aww

In addition, Contino shared on Page Six's Style section: "Leni Klum shows off her nighttime routine in lingerie" (November 30, 2022). Wait, are we to assume that Leni wears a teen thong to bed?

Heidi Klum’s 18-year-old daughter showed off a festive red lingerie set on Instagram as she promoted the new Intimissimi line she modeled in a campaign for with her mom — and her unusual pose stirred up lots of attention from fans.

Sitting on a bathroom sink with her feet placed inside, Leni [seductively] holds a toothbrush in her mouth as she sports the brand’s red lace bra ($69) and matching “’80s style thong” ($15) in the snapshot.

[Update March 20, 2023]  

Lastly, for now, Kristin Contino posted on Page Six "Leni Klum heats up Instagram with nearly topless snap" (March 16, 2023). In the "sexy photo", the 18-year-old model covered her fountains, which were (barely) covered with a nude bra, with her hands, and she captioned the post "I LOVE YOU".

No shirt, no problem.

Leni Klum, 18, posed in a pair of jeans and a bra on her Instagram Story yesterday, with the rising model following in the footsteps of her famous mom, Heidi, as she covered her breasts with her hands in the sexy photo. 

The New York college student wore a nude bandeau bra with the strap hanging down her shoulder in the pic, writing “I LOVE YOU”

No shirt, no problem? Apparently, not - as Heidi is prone to post topless photos on social media. Like mother, like daughter? Apparently, so. 


And Alabama made a TikTok with her pajama top lowered to expose her young shoulders; however, her designer bra strap, which she fingered, was visible. 

15-year-old @alabamabarker 

Arguably, Alabama's exposed shoulders post may be more conservative than Leni's, but Alabama was not conservative in some of her other TikTok posts. For instance, in another TiKTok, she rubbed her fountains over her latex and aimed her young derri√®re at her iPhone's camera.

Apparently, Heidi approved of Hannah's photoshoot. She even gave the camera a sly wink. And we're going to assume that Travis is aware of Alabama's sultry TikToks. 

But what may be most interesting thing about Leni's photoshoot and Instagram post and Alabama's TikToks is that the nymphet are not being sexualized, but they are displaying their teen sexuality. Are Leni and Alabama using the allure of nymphets to their own advantage? 

15-year-old Alabama Barker via Daily Mail

And even if you and/or Travis don't approve of Alabama's TiKToks, Taylor Lorenz opined on The New York Times' "Popcast" podcast (SEP 16, 2020) that "there's a lot of over reaction" over the sexualization of minors on TikTok. Lorenz opined:

And I think that, you know, young women should feel confident in expressing themselves. You know, and if they wanna dance to a certain song and that makes them feel good and they wanna put that on the Internet [...] I think that a lot of the concern over sexualization of minors and stuff is very focused around young women and can sometimes be used as an excuse to kind of shame them for things that you know maybe they like don't deserve it for - there's a lot of overreaction [...] 

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