Monday, March 30, 2020

CYBORG 2: Nude Teen Angelina Jolie in Age-Gap Sex Scene

Here's Joshua Burgin's storyline that's posted on IMDb for Cyborg 2: Glass Shadow (1993):

In the year 2074 the PinWheel corporation creates an 'almost-human' cyborg Casella Reese, aka Cash [Angelina Jolie], designed specifically to charm/seduce her way into a rival manufacturer's headquarters and then self-detonate. Things go awry, when she starts to have feelings for a human Colton Ricks, aka Colt 45 [Elias Koteas], who works for PinWheel as a martial arts instructor. He falls for Cash as well, and with the help of Mercy, they escape. PinWheel Corp. sends Danny Bench, a 'Cyborg Tracker' after both Colt and Cash. Violence ensues. 

What Burgin left out was that when Cyborg 2 was filmedAngelina Jolie was 17-years-old, Elias Koteas was 31-years-old, and they had a nude sex scene. 

So, how did the filmmakers get away with filming a nude teen Angelina Jolie in a sex scene with a 31-year-old man? Well, Jolie's father knew a judge, Jolie's helpful father made some phone calls, and he got her emancipated. 

17-year-old Angelina Jolie & 31-year-old Elias Koteas in Cyborg 2

Michael Schroeder, the film’s director, elaborated with Hollywood Gothique:

“It’s her first movie, but I read probably fifty actresses and model types, and it was really difficult to find somebody who had the cyborg quality but still has some kind of presence, and when this girl came in, I knew she had what it takes. Then I found out she’s only seventeen, and we can’t mess around with labor laws and welfare workers and school teachers. I just didn’t have that luxury; I had to shoot, shoot, shoot. She had just finished high school; she had done her junior and senior year in five months – I wish I could have done that! Then I found out later that her father is Jon Voight, so the acting’s definitely in her genes. He knew a judge and made some calls, and we got her emancipated, because she had been living on her own for quite awhile. She just needed to file and get a judge to agree to it, so then we could just work, and we didn’t have to give her special treatment. And she’s a tough girl; she hangs in there until the last shot of the day. She was the most mature seventeen year old I’ve ever met.”

Thus, if a director wants to get a nymphet in an age-gap nude sex scene, one way to do it is to have the teen's parent emancipate the nubile actress. 

Note: e·man·ci·pat·ed /iˈmansəˌpādəd/ adjective | free from legal, social, or political restrictions; liberated. "emancipated young women" (Oxford)

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