Saturday, April 7, 2018

Famous Ephebophile: Michael Kennedy's (Old\Young) Sexual Affair with Teen Babysitter

Michael Kennedy & Marissa Verrochi

I was reading the March 18, 2018 New York magazine feature, “What HopeHicks Knows”, when I read about Martin Gould, a New York based reporter, whom outed Hicks and Porter in the Daily Mail, but more relevantly, Gould: 
“[…] was charged with driving Victoria Gifford Kennedy, the estranged wife of Michael Kennedy, off the road in pursuit of a photo after she’d left her husband over his affair with [Marissa Verrochi] their [14-year-old] babysitter.”
Unsurprisingly, ephebophilia runs in the Kennedy family. We wrote about Kennedy Sr.’s sexual affair with his 17-year-old French caddie and about the NBC Rock Center profile on Mimi Alford, who was 19 she began an eighteen-month affair with President John F. Kennedy.

According to New York Daily News
  1. Michael Kennedy’s affair with his nymphet babysitter lasted for five years 
  2. When the nymphet was 17, “[…] Kennedy flaunted the relationship by taking the teenager along on a whitewater rafting trip to Maine with friends where they shared a tent […]” 
  3. The affair ended after Verrochi started her freshman year at Boston University. 
  4. And “[t]he affair apparently triggered the breakup of Kennedy's 16-year marriage to his wife, Victoria, 40, daughter of former Giants football great Frank Gifford."

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