Sunday, May 29, 2016

LAZY HAZY CRAZY (2015): Hong Kong Teen Prostitutes & Schoolgirl Lipstick Lesbians

The Film Society of Lincoln Center's website posted "a list of 15 key titles that shape the themes" of the 15th anniversary edition of the festival. Lazy Hazy Crazy (2015) [Cantonese: 同班同學] "in which schoolgirls explore the city’s heart of greed by charging for sex" is one of the films listed. 

Elizabeth Kerr of The Hollywood Reporter wrote" 
"Lazy revels in its bubble baths and experimental lesbianism, yet ties the characters’ growth to how they relate to men [...], [t]he drama, which also dabbles in a smattering of semi-explicit situations [is] designed to give the film a raw, shocking edge [...] [but] [t]he film is also smart and somewhat blunt [...]"

In additional to graphic teen prostitution and ephebophilia, like Kerr mentioned, there were at least two teen lipstick lesbian scenes. 

In one scene, Chloe slyly told Alice that her tampon was lost. To the utter pleasure of Chloe, Alice deeply and thoroughly searched Chloe's treasure, until Tracy discovered the tampon in the bathroom. (A similar scenario happened in Netflix's Grand Army (2020) when Joey (Odessa A'zion) helped a high school classmate remove a condom from her vagina.)

Chloe shared that she was initiated into prostitution at the age of 14 after her friend's approximately 50-year-old father leered at her and insisted on driving her home before he gave her 5,000 Yuan for sex.

Lazy Hazy Crazy, which was interestingly written by Yee-sum Luk, a female, was nominated for the Asian Future Best Film Award at the 2015 Tokyo International Film Festival and was nominated for Best Film at the 2015 Stockholm Film Festival.

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