Friday, May 20, 2016

TAN Digest: Pre-Teen Seducers, a 15-Year-Old European Prostitute and NYC Teen Prostitutes Provided by The Catholic Church

I got up to page 153 of Orenstein's Cinderella Ate My Daughter that I (momentarily) abandoned for Boyd's Nabokov's Ada which I  (momentarily) abandoned for Nabokov's Ada. 

In the chapter "Sparkle, Sweetie!"  that was about preteen beauty pageants, Orenstein wrote that the prepubescent beauty contestants reminded her of 18th century European museum portraits of "[...] European princesses - little girls in low-cut gowns, their hair piled high, their cheeks and lips roughed red - that were used to attract potential husbands, typically middle-aged men [...]" And she overheard an overeager mother advise her six-year-old, "[O]ne of the judges is a man, so be sure you wink at him!"

I received a tweet from The Paris Review that linked to an article about John Cleland’s "[...] two-volume novel called Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, or Fanny Hill, published when he was in debtor’s prison between 1748 and 1749 [...]" I've had the novel in my Amazon Wishlist for some time. But I didn't know that Fanny entered the brothel when she was fifteen, which preceded her "sexual initiation" that involved lipstick lesbian sex with a seasoned prostitute. And her first customer was a "[...] debauched elderly caller “with a yellow cadaverous hue”."

Episodes seventeen and eighteen of this season's Law & Order SVU  were about a teen prostitution ring that was organized by the Catholic Church that provided nymphets to New York City elected officials. I posted a question on Ask MetaFilter about any possible origins of the topic, but I was promptly banned. The only other instance of the Catholic church and nymphets that I'm familiar with is a post that I wrote titled "15-Year-Old Nymphet Kidnapped for Vatican Sex Parties?"

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