Friday, January 29, 2016

THE GIRL IN THE BOOK (2015): The Writer and the Nymphet

Alice, a book editor and writer, is assigned to handle the re-release of Milan Daneker's book Waking Eyes. Daneker had an affair with Alice when she was a nymphet and Waking Eyes is a roman à clef of that affair.

The affair began after Daneker started helping Alice with her writing. Strategically and conveniently, the tutoring sessions took place in Alice's bedroom while her parents, both book agents, were away. During his initial visits, Alice and Daneker spoke about her writing, but the sexual tension inevitably became too strong. Consequently, Alice kissed Daneker on the lips after he kissed her on the head. Subsequently, Daneker massaged Alice's fountains before he helped her reach her virginal orgasm.

After Daneker ignored Alice while he dined with her parents and flirted with a woman, Alice (unrealistically) told her parents about the affair which Daneker denied. (A nymphet will rarely reveal an affair with a older man to the authorities - especially over something as trivial as an older woman.Typically, the nymphet will become jealous and thereby more attracted to the ephebophile.)

Lastly, Nabokov's Pale Fire made a cameo in the film which reminded me of "Otar, a pleasant and cultured adeling with a tremendous nose and sparse hair, [who] had his two [thin-legged and green eyed] mistresses with him, eighteen-year-old Fifalda (whom he later married) and seventeen-year-old Fleur [...], daughters of Countess de Fyler, the Queen's favorite lady in waiting."

Nabokov's Pale Fire Makes a Cameo

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