Thursday, January 21, 2016

HER FATHER, MY LOVER (2015): A Teleiophile's Passion for Her Friend's Father

I have a major backlog of posts to write about Japanese ephebophilia;therefore, I decided to write a post about the Japanese film Her Father, My Lover (2015) [友だちのパパが好き] without an analysis and  review, because I have no idea when I will get to it, the film doesn't appear to be freely available, and, maybe more importantly, I feel that the concept of a Japanese teleiophile who is completely enthralled with her friend's father is extremely interesting. This film may display a more extreme version of teleiophilia than what was shown in American Beauty (1999) which will be analyzed in the upcoming 2nd edition of The Allure of Nymphets

Here's the film synopsis from Festival Scope:

“You're a sicko”. University student Taeko is appalled by her kooky friend Maya's attraction to her father, Kyosuke. His affair with workmate Hazuki resulted in her pregnancy. His subsequent divorce from cancer survivor Midori, only encourages Maya further. Meanwhile, her jilted lover Tadokoro, who also happens to be her former high school teacher, begins to stalk her. Maya's obsession with Kyosuke sets off a chain reaction of imploding relationships, and all Taeko can do is watch...

If and when Festival Scope gives me access to their website (I'm a writer and not a film professional.), I'll update this post with a review and an analysis. 

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