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Bill Cosby Allured by Nymphets?

Of the women who accused Bill Cosby of drugging and raping them, at least six of them were nymphets. Below are five of their stories as profiled in New York magazine:
Traitz met Cosby while working as a waitress at Café Figaro in Los Angeles. The comedian offered to drive her home one night, but instead he took her to a beach. They parked and he pulled out a briefcase full of pills. He told her to take one to relax, but Traitz declined. He became angry. He groped her and tried to climb on top of her. Traitz pushed Cosby away, and fended him off...This happened when I was 18. ---Linda Joy Traitz

“At 17, my agent introduced me to Bill Cosby, who was going to mentor me and take me to the next level of my career. Over the course of the next year, I was drugged half the time when I was with him and would come out of a delusional experience going, ‘Whoa, what was that?’ He would say, ‘Well, I needed to undress you and wash your clothes because you got drunk and made a fool of yourself.’... I was invited down to Atlantic City to see his show and had a very confusing night where I was completely drugged and my luggage was missing. When I called the concierge to find out where my luggage was, Cosby went ballistic. He slammed the phone down and said, ‘What the hell are you doing, letting the whole hotel know I have a 19-year-old girl in my hotel suite?’ The next morning, he summoned me down to his room and yelled at me that I needed to have discretion. He threw me down on the bed and he put his forearm under my throat. He straddled me, and he took his belt buckle off. The clanking of the belt buckle, I’ll never forget.” —Barbara Bowman

19-year-old Tarshis was starting a career as a comedy writer when she met Cosby in Los Angeles through mutual friends. The comedian asked Tarshis if she’d be interested in working on some material with him. She joined Cosby at his bungalow. Cosby served Tarshis a Bloody Mary topped with a beer. She drank some, and the next thing she remembered was Cosby undressing her on his couch. She told him she had a yeast infection, hoping to fend him off. Cosby grabbed her head and forced her to perform oral sex on him. Back in New York, Tarshis got a phone call from Cosby, inviting her to his show on Long Island. Her mother answered the phone, and Tarshis didn't want to explain to her mother why she was reluctant to attend. She had a drink or two at his New York City hotel. Before she left, she saw vials of pills in a man’s shaving kit. They went to the show. "It hit me like a sledgehammer," she says. She felt like she was about to pass out, and she had the driver take her back to the limo. The next thing she remembers is waking up in bed the next morning with Cosby, naked and sore.  ----Joan Tarshis

Lasha met Cosby in Las Vegas in 1986. The 17-year-old high-school student worked at the Hilton Las Vegas but wanted to pursue a modeling career, so her stepmother sent a letter and a photo of Lasha to the comedian. Cosby called Lasha’s family, inviting her and her grandmother to his show, also at the Hilton. Cosby asked Lasha up to his suite, where he promised to introduce her to an agent from the Ford Modeling Agency. In his room, Cosby handed Lasha a blue pill — he said it was an antihistamine for her cold — and a double shot of Amaretto. Cosby asked her to put on a hotel robe and wet her hair to prepare for the modeling agent’s arrival. Lasha says someone came to the room and snapped a few photos, but quickly left. Alone again with Cosby, Lasha says the comedian led her to the bedroom and gave her another shot of Amaretto. She lay down, and then he climbed in bed beside her. She remembers him humping her leg, grunting. Then she blacked out. She woke up more than 13 hours later. Cosby stood above her and clapped his hands, shouting, “Daddy says wake up.” He handed her $1,500 and told her to buy something nice for herself and for her grandmother. She came forward in December 2014. “I used to fear for my life because of the type of influence that he had. And I would cry all the time, all the time. After that, I didn’t know who to trust and who not to trust. I have nightmares. I wouldn’t let my children watch The Cosby Show because I would cry.”
---Chelan Lasha

Welles first met Cosby when she was a child. Her mother was a talent agent and knew the comedian. Welles was 17 and an aspiring singer when she ran into Cosby on the set of I Spy. He invited her to a jazz club. Cosby ordered drinks soon after they arrived. Everything became a blur. She woke up in a strange apartment, naked and alone. The comedian told Welles she had drunk too much Champagne — though she says she remembered only drinking her Coke — and he brought her to the apartment so she could sleep it off. Welles took him at his word and accepted another invitation to a magic show. Again, her memories of the night disappeared, and she woke up naked. 
---Sunni Welles
Bill Cosby and Judy Huth

And the Daily Mail reported that Judy Huth claims that Cosby molested her in 1974 at the Playboy Mansion when she was 15-years-old. Huth alleges that Cosby seduced her with beers while they played billiards before he forced her to perform a sex act on him in one of the mansion's bedrooms. Here's the full account:
Huth claims she first met Cosby as a teenager when she and a friend, 16, wandered on to the set of one of his movies. He invited them to his tennis club the following Saturday, where they then followed him to a house and he 'served them alcohol beverages before playing some games of billiards.' Huth was required to drink a beer every time Cosby won a game according to the lawsuit. Later, the girls followed Cosby to the Playboy Mansion, where the comedian allegedly told Huth and her friend to say they were 19 if anyone asked their ages. Later in the evening, Huth claims she emerged from a bathroom to find Cosby sitting on a bed at which point he asked her to sit down next to him and attempted to 'put his hand down her pants'. He then allegedly took her hand in his and performed a sexual act on himself 'without her consent.'.

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