Thursday, July 23, 2015

HIGH SCHOOL GIRL (1974) [Italian: Cugini carnali]: A Nymphet Causes A Stampede in Italy

HIGH SCHOOL GIRL (1974): A Nymphet Causes A Stampede in Italy

This may be hard to believe but I didn't realize that white men who worked in white collar positions noticed beautiful women on the streets of Manhattan until I read AJ Jabobs' The Guinea Pig Diaries about five years ago.

I was shocked by Jacobs' honesty about his attraction to other women besides his wife. That was profound, because I see other minorities gawking and making, mostly inappropriate, comments to women all the time and I never understood why white men never appeared to have seen those same women, unless they were drunk or construction workers.

It dawned on me after reading The Guinea Pig Diaries that it may be a class thing. After reading Jacobs' chapter on being honest I realized that educated white men actually do notice beautiful women, but it's considered impolite to take a peek or it's done very discretely. 

And I would imagine that many educated minorities are the same way. For example, I can't imagine Gladwell turning around to look a girl's bottom. 

One may get the impression that African-Americans, Latinos and, from High School Girl (1974), Italians are more sexual than say the French or Japanese, but their lecherous behavior may be more class based than cultural. However, I would argue that the French and Japanese are the leaders in showing their hebephilia\ephebophilia in their art and media.

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