Saturday, February 22, 2014

YOUNG & BEAUTIFUL (2013): French Teen Prostitute Enjoys the "Game"

We've previously written about American, French, British, Swedish and Japanese teen prostitutes and here's yet another example of the allure of nymphet prostitutes.

In the French film Young & Beautiful (2013) [French: Jeune & Jolie] 17-year-old stunningly beautiful Isabelle and her very pretty friend were approached in front of their high school by an ephebophile who offered them money in exchange for sex. Isabelle refused his offer, but remembered his mobile number. She called him a week later after she learned that her classmate got a Prada bag out of the quid pro quo.

Subsequently, Isabelle had sex with a number of middle-aged men; however, when she was asked by her psychiatrist if she did it for the money she replied, "No." She did it, because she liked arranging the appointments, chatting online and on the phone with men. In addition, she enjoyed listening to their voices, imaging things, discovering the luxurious hotels and not knowing whom she would find. She especially liked the johns who were friendly, un-needy, and caressing. "It was like a game,"  the nymphet said.

Interestingly, Young & Beautiful (2013) [French: Jeune & Jolie] was nominated for the highest honor, the Palme d'Or, at the Cannes Film Festival.

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