Saturday, June 1, 2013

STOP THE BITCH CAMPAIGN (2001): "We Are Only High School Girls [Teen Prostitutes]"

Stop the Bitch Campaign (2001) is about middle-aged Kuni, who has a love/hate relationship with Japanese nymphet prostitutes. Kuni has an intense attraction to schoolgirl prostitutes (i.e., enjo kosai), but he fears that their behavior is harming Japanese society; therefore, he sets out to stop their immoral behavior by, ironically, having violent and humiliating sex with them without paying.

We found the logic used by the Japanese high school prostitutes to justify their part-time jobs intriguing: 
"Having sex for money or not, it is our own business."
"Yes, you are right."
"We are not professional prostitutes."
"We are only high school girls."
Their logic has feminist overtonesCorrectly, Kuni didn't agree with their faulty logic, but he went about rectifying the situation incorrectly. 

Young Sex for Sale in Japan (2017)

[Update] The Stop the Bitch Campaign schoolgirls sitting in the cafe before "work" reminded of Stacy Dooley's BBC documentary Young Sex for Sale in Japan (2017) where Japanese schoolgirls work in JK cafes (i.e., Schoolgirl cafes) in JK alley where, Monday through Sunday, teenage girls in school uniforms solicit men to hold hands, go for walks, take naps on their young laps, and/or etc.

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