Saturday, June 15, 2013

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: English Teacher Rapes Student?

I wrote in The Allure of Nymphets about how in the first novel of the Pretty Little Liars series, two high school sophomores: "[...] slowly pulled up the hems of their sky-high minis and revealed their panties [...]" to a middle-aged man who was having a drink near them at the mall.

The Pretty Little Liars television series is just as revealing. For example, most teen shows that contain student-teacher affairs last one or two episodes, but the student-teacher affair between Mr. Fitz, the high school English teacher, and Aria, his sophomore student, lasted over three seasons. 

In the clip below from the ABC Family show, Aria daydreams that someone exposed her affair with her English teacher to the principal of her Rosewood, Pennsylvania high school. 

The scene is dramatized, because not once during the previous seasons did Mr. Fitz fear that he would go to jail for statutory rape. Why? Because the age-of-consent in Pennsylvania is 16. Thus, Mr. Fitz's only concern was that he would lose his job for making out with his student in his classroom, in his car and in his apartment.

Pretty Little Liars Clip:
Aria Daydreams About Her English Teacher

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