Friday, October 25, 2013

SERIE NOIRE (1979): I'm No Good Without a Nymphet...

Série noire (1979)

I wrote in The Allure of Nymphets and in a previous post that Captain Save a Hoe rarely, if ever, saves the damsel in distress, but often becomes ensnarled in her web of unending drama. For example, in the French film Série noire ( (1979), Franck Poupart (Patrick Dewaere), a middle-aged salesman fell in love with Mona, a majorly cute fifteen-year-old nymphet. Mona was forced into prostitution by her elderly female guardian, but after Frank tried to rescue her from a life of harlotry, he found himself in a world trouble and turmoil.

Frank even made the PUA faux paus of saying, "I'm good for nothing without a [young] woman." 

An ephebophile should never seek out a nymphet to feel validated (i.e., out of neediness) or to show-off. 

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